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16 Heartwarming Tweets To Brighten Up Your Day


It’s important to spread goodness and kindness throughout the world. Sharing a good deed can be contagious, and frankly, we all need more of that. Twitter might not be the first place that comes to mind when speaking about spreading positivity, but surprisingly, through some witty tweets, you can come across random acts of kindness that can brighten up your day.

1.When these kids decided to act up on a compliment

Their club just got bigger.


Twitter | @jessecaaa24

2. Dressing up for a newborn is something you don’t see very often, but this man did it right!

Who said first impressions don’t matter?

Twitter | @Iris_Elisabeth_

3. Their bond can really brighten anyone’s day.

There are gonna be a lot of high-fives between these two in the future.

Twitter | @mmryaah

4. Cabbies in London have a great tradition of giving a free ride home to kids who get discharged from Great Ormond Street Hospital.

At least one cabbie driver keeps the tradition alive.

Twitter | @JohnMoylan01

5. This dog’s condition isn’t stopping him from enjoying the things that make him happy.

His condition wont be a problem considering the ingenious idea the owners had.

Twitter | @FluffSociety

6. You gotta give credit to this dog though, this is no walk in the park.

He also has that DJ composure, a born entertainer.

Twitter | @BecauseUAreHere

7. One of the best sounds you can hear if you are a dog owner.

Dogs are the only living things that love you more than they love themselves.


Twitter | @dylan_bell3

8. They can literally sense when you are feeling down.

They always seem to have the perfect remedy for us.


Twitter | @TheGoldenRatio4

9. Hearing the voice of a person you love hits you right in the feels.

It seems just that voice is the sound you’ll ever need to hear.

Twitter | @xEnoughSaidx

10. Two cats spooning is the only thing in life you’ll need to see.

Whoever said that all cats are jerks clearly hasn’t seen this picture.

Twitter | @TheoNicole

11. Maybe these are the kind of genie in the lamp stories we should ever know.

Now we can only wonder what the genie would have done with those wishes?

Twitter | @CasuallyE

12. The creator of Hamilton Lin-Manuel Miranda is a true role model.

Reading on the bus isn’t the easiest of things, but kids should without a doubt feel comfortable to reading wherever they please.

Twitter | @Lin_Manuel

13. I believe this dog is on the right track of being a good big brother.

He is scoring major points with his owners in becoming the favorite among the two of them.

Twitter | @DevinDruid

 14. Apparently this cat named Wayne wearing onesies is a thing now.

This can really brighten up anyone’s day.

Twitter | @carley_porter

15. Even Elon Musk recognized this hero driver and offered cost-free reparations to his Tesla.

This man’s Karma is truly rewarding.

fae822c4-483d-4e1e-aa25-6de093b28015 (1)
Twitter | @elonmusk

16. It’s hard to disagree with this tweet. Just look at that cute nose and how fluffy he is!

I believe this is the definition for ”heaven on earth”.

Twitter | @intenselycreamy
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