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15 Stunning Pieces Of Paper Art


The most enduring quality of paper art is its syncretic nature. This form of expression allows for incorporation of a wide variety of techniques, which can, in turn, stimulate greater creativity and unexpected results. Let’s look at some fascinating 3-D paper sculptures, intricate paper carvings, quilling, and much more… even paper artwork literally set on fire!

1. Maleficent

A stunning recreation of the lead character in the 2014 Disney movie.


Source: Instagram | @you_got_rained

2. Have A Heart

A multi-layered piece that uses its color palette to accent the contoured design and make it look like it is reaching out to the audience.


Source: Instagram | @miss_mina_xoxo

3. Buck

The attention to detail in this one is stunning. A real testament to the author’s dedication and talent.


Source: Instagram | @charleseinpairs

4. Bald Eagle

The artist managed to achieve a real sense of motion with this piece.


Source: Instagram | @sadejaricoche

5. Mandala Cut

Mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the universe. This one would look amazing as a window pattern.


Source: Instagram | @annemarieke.illustration

6. Shaman In Gold

A shaman is a person practicing divination and healing by communication with otherworldly spirits.


Source: Instagram | @madebyjulene

7. Ballet

A prima ballerina for a girl’s bedroom wall.


Source: Instagram | @georgialowpapercuts

8. Shake Your Tail Feather

Another piece of art with a painstaking attention to detail, but one that also radiates elegance.


Source: Instragram | @rebeccaloechlerart

9. The Dawn Treader From Narnia

An astonishing paper sculpture bringing one of the world’s most beloved children’s stories to life.


Source: DeviantArt | kaylenfalse

10. The Four Elements

Earth, wind, water and fire. Enough said.


Source: Etsy | QuillingbyLarisa

11. Let The Beat Take Over You

A perfect gift for a dancer or someone who is aspiring to become one.


Source: Instagram | @spoiltbrat92

12. Fire Of Desire

J.K. Rowling fans will love this one.


Source: Instagram | @zayzayzany

13. A Sly And Clever Creature

The nine-tailed fox is part of East Asian folklore. In the mythology of Asia, foxes are depicted as a familiar spirit who possess magic powers.


Source: Instagram | @vvvenla_art

14. Feel The Fire

One for the fans of J.R.R. Tolkien and The Hobbit.


Source: Instagram | @vvvenla_art

15. Rebirth

The beautifully-presented duality of the phoenix symbolizes the circle of life.


Source: DeviantArt | hellofromthemoon
Main image via Instagram / @vvvenla_art
Collage via 1. Instagram / @vvvenla_art 2. Instagram / @rebeccaloechlerart 3. Instagram / @sadejaricoche

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