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16 People Who Were Probably Fired On The Spot

Fired On The Spot

Probably every place you have ever worked at had one employee that had constantly managed to avoid any kind of responsibility, and still, he or she was never in any real danger of being fired?

We have all met such artists and let’s be real, we’ve secretly admired them.

The guys who did these 16 pieces of art, though, probably didn’t manage to avoid the sack. Rightly so.

1. A builder somewhere is still looking for his phone.

However, this is considered a relic now and is very rare so… Win?

Fired On The Spot 1

Source:Twitter / CutPics

2. Nothing like losing one’s toes to hypothermia

Fired On The Spot 2

Source:Twitter / AirCrispMax

3. It is soap. And it’s in the soap dispenser. Where’s the problem?

Fired On The Spot 3

Source:Instagram / end_to_butthurt

4. This could actually be an art installation

Fired On The Spot 4

Source:Instagram / marshmallow_boi98

5. Who was this designed for?

Maybe it’s the stall you go to when you don’t have to pee.

Fired On The Spot 5

Source:Instagram / alphonmere

6. Jeepers creepers where’d ya get those peepers?

Why so shy?

Fired On The Spot 6

Source:Instagram / is_that_a_ninja

7. Hope no one crashed their car while trying to decypher that

Talk about distractions.

Fired On The Spot 7

Source:Twitter / YouHadOneJ0B

8. Welcome to the Twilight Zone

How convenient for a person like me, who always confuses left and right.

Fired On The Spot 8

Source:Instagram / too_legendarry

9. If you say so…

Fired On The Spot 9

Source:Instagram / silver_dollar_short_

10. This probably made a trekkie’s head implode from the merchandising mishap

Fired On The Spot 10

Source:Instagram / ramblingfangirl

11. There is something very unsettling and disturbing about opening a can expecting peas and carrots and finding eggs

Imagine standing hungry in you kitchen at to 2 AM, looking at this.

Fired On The Spot 11

Source:Instagram / miceespo

12. At night, this Cardinal turns into an Easter Bunny

Religion is complicated.

Fired On The Spot 12

13. What is this strange curved yellow fruit? Hmm. Intriguing.

Fired On The Spot 13

Source:Instagram / only._.one._.job

14. What a charming reason to be fired over.

Fired On The Spot 14

Source:Instagram / marvinsjaschke

15. This drain loves being the centre of attention

You had one job, drain.

 Fired On The Spot 15

Source:instagram / reichgbg

16. Grant: the quintessential working class hero

We’re all Grant. He should not be fired.

Fired On The Spot 16


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