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16 People Who Totally Gave Up On Fashion


Fashion is something we have to deal with on a daily basis. Even those people who say they don’t care what they wear choose clothes every morning, they still make an effort. However, sometimes the rules of what is popular are confusing. So much so that some people have given up on fashion altogether.

Here is a list of people who don’t really understand fashion, compiled by Diply.

1. If the shoe fits…

Who cares if the shoe fits, as longs as it’s a leopard print.

Instagram | @thatguymyme

2. Are you playing tennis after work?

Let’s hope he didn’t traumatize a lot of people at work with this sock/shoe combo.

Twitter | @fkahiazn

3. “I don’t know, just makes them look French.”

“Bonjour! Would you like a baguette to go with your Paris inspired outfit?”

Instagram | @thefashionistarescue

4. It’s called fashion. Look it up.

Blue sock, red sock, and don’t forget a disposable dust mask.

There, now you have the perfect combination.

Instagram | @playtimecares

5. This jacket was a total steal.

He didn’t even bother t to remove the security tag on his new jacket.

What a badass.

Instagram | @surreal_city

6. They’re comfortable, alright?!

Imagine seeing your date wearing these! It’s time to run..

Instagram | @sean_w_harry

7. Dress for your body type

What I don’t understand is, how are those jeans staying on his legs?

Twitter | @nubasutra

8.  Faux garter leggings

When you just can’t decide if you’ll be cold or hot outside.

Twitter | @Car_Sick_Kitty

9. Do you even fashion?

Victorian-era blouse mixed with street fashion. This guy is way ahead of his time.

Twitter | @PlaytimeCares

10. One is not enough!

When you can’t decide what pair of pants you love more.

Twitter | @TwicksSi

11. Why even bother with the shorts at this point?

This doesn’t make any sense. At least his sneakers are matching his shirt. He gets some points for that one.

Twitter | @applesutra

12. What are those?

Maybe not Jimmy Choo, but they look so comfortable. I almost want a pair.

Twitter | @CoryShowtime

13. This guy’s face says it all.

Wait a minute, that’s not how you are supposed to wear a bra. Or is it?

Instagram | @adventures_of_kt

14. What happens when you oversleep.

It’s also a decent Halloween look, which you can keep in your back pocket ’til next year.

Twitter | @LONDONightGuide

15. Now this is next level

Like wearing toe socks is not bad enough, so you have to pair them with sandals.

Instagram | @kayleighmm

16. Edgy..

I’ve seen movie stars doing this, so maybe she is onto something after all.


Twitter | @miyashay
Source: diply

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