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16 Photoshopped Images That Were Thought To Be Authentic And Went Viral


Photoshop is a great tool for those who need it, and, of course, for those who need a good laugh and make funny alternations of their images. It has become so accessible for people that you can barely believe the pictures that come out on the internet nowadays. There is this scary feeling everything is photoshopped, and, indeed, some pictures are great hoaxes. There have been a number of pictures that we believed were authentic, but, in fact, they were the work of Photoshop.

Here are 16 photographs that made people crazy on the internet, but were actually fake.

1. Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor

Many fans went crazy when this photo appeared online. However, it was later revealed that it was, in fact, a composite picture. The photo of Monroe was taken in 1950 by Ed Clark and the Taylor photo was taken in 1948 by Mark Kauffman.


Source:Hoax Off A Me / Tumblr

2. “The Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye, Scotland”

People were led to believe there actually was a spot where purple trees fenced a bright blue river, back in October 2013. Sadly, however, the photo was a color edited shot of the Shotover River in New Zealand.



3. A giant spider

Arachnophobes went pale when they saw the picture by Paul Santa Maria online. He manipulated a picture of a large wolf spider outside of his home and decided to play with Photoshop to make it have monstrous proportions. Thank God!



4. “Castle House Island” in Dublin

It’s just a photo of Thailand’s “James Bond Island”, photoshopped with a portion of Lichtenstein Castle in Germany. May be beautiful but unfortunately just not true.


Source:Facebook / Definition.org

5. “Moonmelon”

This photo of a Japanese fruit went viral and was also said to switch flavors after you eat it. Too good to be true. It was just a regular slice of watermelon tinted blue.



6. A giant squid

This great fake discovery went viral on the internet and caused a splash on social media. It was later determined that the squid had just been enlarged and cropped onto footage of people gathering around a humpback whale that had washed ashore. What a disappointment.



7. A lion getting a CAT scan

A clever photoshopper manipulated a picture of a lion getting a CAT scan from 2005. The image made everyone believe that this is how the iconic MGM company logo was filmed.



8. A black lion

Color manipulation at its finest.



9. Pilot’s selfie

Yeah, imagine pilots went crazy on board. Well, they actually did, but on the ground, of course. That would have to be one incredibly strong and secure selfie stick to endure the winds up in the clouds.


10. Heath Ledger as the Joker doing a kickflip over Christian Bale as Batman

This behind-the -scene image was fake. The actor was just jumping over Bale without the skateboard.


Source:Reddit /u/ cdmccabe

11. President Bush, reading a book upside down

Actually, a photoshopper flipped the cover, making it look so real.


Source:Slapped Ham

12. A shark that “won” National Geographic picture award

It was not taken by chief photographer Bob Burton, but created by a graphic artist “Alexyz3d” using CG.



13. A crew running from a bear

A supposed behind-the-scenes shot of a National Geographic shoot made people believe they were indeed running from a bear. However, editors added the bear only later in the picture.



14. British Navy diver attacked by a shark

People believe this was the “Photo of the Year.” However, this is actually a composite of two different pictures.



15. A frozen spider web

It’s not a spider web! It’s a part of an ice sculpture by Michael Kaloki and Timo Koivisto.



16. A horse with markings that spell out the word “horse”

Sadly, someone edited the photo digitally for a “Spell It Out” competition for a Photo Effects Contest.



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