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16 Times Random People Made Street Art Funnier


Street art in the form of graffiti and other messages is a subtle way to influence society. Sometimes, they give the place a new shine, and sometimes, they speak powerful messages about social issues. And there are other times, when they make the world more hilarious that it used to be. That usually happens when random people make them even more hilarious. Here is a collection of street art interrupted by random people made by Diply that will totally make your day.

1. The eternal argument

So, what is it exactly? A perfect apartment addition!

Twitter | @AisaTheMemer

2. Ads are sometimes downright obvious, yet, sometimes, downright strange…

That seems like a quality moment right there…or does it?

Reddit | enfranci

3. Probably the coolest room in town

Can I enter? Pretty please!

Reddit | bjester

4. Would you like to smell like this?

This guy even added something for Johnny Depp to look at! So clever!

Reddit | garistroll

5. When your mom ruins garage doors, this is what she leaves behind.

Isn’t this a good piece of advice, friends?

Reddit | quakpac

6. Remember this buddy?

When we needed time to adapt to new technology, he was always there for us! He was also a bit annoying.

Reddit | HappyAsianGirl

7. Googly eyes, always handy!

Not what this poster represents, though…

Reddit | LenadTheGreat

8. When you break your own rule

Reddit | DynamicSammich

9. This never-aging park

Which is totally not real, but nevermind.

Reddit | Buffitron

10. Sometimes, vandalism brings serious results!

As I mentioned before, it can solve serious social issues. Good job!

Reddit | DankDanny

11. This is a classic one

Reddit | Brandy_Bran

12. A lot of the work of random guys is looking for opportunities and taking them immediately.

The results of this act are amazing! Looks flawless!

Reddit | a1988eli

13. “Why are you doing this? Stop, please!”

Ouch, that must have hurt!

Reddit | Leyton1323

14. Keep them, please!

Probably the most creative one so far.

Reddit | iamtheonlyirishman

15. Sometimes, the simplest trick is the most effective one.

And the word thanks will never sound the same again. Now all you can think of is how to thank Tom Hanks for this.

Reddit | [deleted]

16. Meanwhile in Canada

I mean, it has to be there! The message is beyond polite!

Reddit | dr_rocker_md

Want to see more of the hilarious world we live in? Here are some other pictures.

Source: diply

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