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16 Situations Involving Luck That Are Too Good To Be True


Probably you’ve had a moment when you thought “this can’t be happening, but it is”, right? Imagine the footage you would have made if you had a camera on you. Luckily, some people were in those kind of situations and they actually brought a camera with them.

1. His race number matched the number on his shirt, his hometown zip code, and the time he took to run the race.

Maybe he should try his luck with the lottery?

Reddit | Sneaky-Goat

2. This man caught his own wallet in a fishing net after losing it 20 years earlier.

Guess he spends a lot of time on that lake.

Reddit | -F1ngo

3. This kid sat in the cockpit of an OH58 Kiowa helicopter and figured out he wanted to be a pilot.

Twenty years later the same kid is actually flying the very same helicopter he had posed for that picture in.

Imgur | RockYourOwnium

4. Six different women — not bridesmaids — came to this wedding wearing the same dress.

Maybe the dress was on sale?

Facebook | Debbie Speranza

5. This butterfly recognized itself on a picture.


Reddit | officialbearbear

6. How lucky can you get during a storm?


Reddit | superhero112

7. Easy does it!

I bet he would think twice before parking on that street again.

Reddit | pincheloca

8. Puppies born with symmetrical spots on their backs.

Not sure if that was their actual birth order. “She gave birth in the middle of the night, and when we found out, all 3 were already out,” the owner said.

Reddit | chaos_ej

9. The mountains in the background line up perfectly with the ones on the back of this truck.

The owner of the photo claims it is not fabricated.

Reddit | tomboski

10. That had to hurt.

The cactus is in full-defense mode.

Imgur | theslainman

11. Frozen artwork.


Imgur | paradockz

12. Australian guy found half an Australian debit card that had the same numbers as his, including the expiration date, and his first name.

Finders keepers.

Reddit | mortoson

13. Two Toyota vehicles, parked up side by side.


Reddit | warshadow

14. The door on the left explains the situation.


Reddit | ParadiseSquared

15. All the eggs had double yolks!

A healthy and nutritious start to the day.

Imgur | williamfollett

16. Captured at exactly the right moment.

It almost looks surreal.

Reddit | mh00259
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