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16 Slick Life Hacks That Will Make Your Life Better


We all want to live our best lives, partying till late at night, cruising on yachts and eating in Michelin star awarded restaurants.

However, the reality is that most of us go to work every day and do boring mundane activities.

Lucky us, though, he Internet is a bottomless well of hacks, to make our lives and those everyday activities, a little bit easier. Here are some of them, courtesy of Diply.

1. What’s worse than throwing something into the trash can and the bag going in with it?

One Reddit user will give you a brilliant solution : “Use plastic hooks to prevent your trash bag from falling into the can” wrote randomusefulbits.


Source: Reddit | randomusefulbits

2. I would have never thought of this

“Put the freezer bars between the shelf grids for the perfect shape with bubble on the top,” wrote RogerDat143.


Source: Reddit | RogerDat143

3. It might look funny, but it’s a small price to pay for keeping your car shiny and new.

We all paranoid when we purchase a new vehicle.


Source: Reddit | JustaBabyApe

4. Starstruck’s lovers, this one is life changing

“Cut a Starbucks paper carrier in half and put at the bottom and middle of their carry-out bags to carry 4 grandes safely per bag,” wrote abubblestory.


Source: Reddit | abubblestory

5. Say goodbye to ironing

“Need to iron a shirt but don’t have time? Hang it up in the bathroom as you shower and all the wrinkles will come out,” wrote Scrubbb.


Source: Reddit | Scrubbb

6. For all College students

“iPad Mounter for bunk beds (made the best out an unfortunate dorm situation),” wrote eddiebstanley.


Source: Reddit | eddiebstanley

7. Drywall dust

Tired of cleaning all that drywall dust that your drill leaves behind. No more mess, just use a simple sticky note.


Source: Reddit | AlexFreire

8. Use math to make your sandwiches better

Your taste buds will be grateful.


Source: Reddit | WaWaCrAtEs

9. Wash vegetables faster and easier… but not too sure about this…

“We tried out this cool idea I found… Washed the potatoes in the dishwasher!! Worked great! Gets them all done at once! But even the baby noticed something was weird…” wrote mrskitsapgrapeape.


Source: Instagram | @mrskitsapgrapeape

10. Rub a walnut on damaged wooden furniture to cover up dings

I really want to know who though of this one.


Source: Imgur | WouldAPonyByAnyOtherNameBeAsOffencive

11. We all know Yankee candles are way to expensive

“Big candles are expensive, but are a fancy touch for company. Use tea lights in them instead and greatly extend their life,” wrote another user.


Source: Reddit

12. Hot knife through butter substitute

“Butter too hard or cold? Grate it onto toast!” wrote dravinicus.


Source: Reddit | dravinicus

13. Store your condoms in a  Gameboy cartridge holders

“Condom fits perfectly in Gameboy box,” wrote MN_DuffMan.


Source: Reddit | MN_DuffMan

14. This is one is really smart and useful

“After installing car registration sticker, score it with a razor blade to prevent thieves from stealing it,” wrote Ransacked.


Source: Reddit | Ransacked

15. That is one creative person

“I don’t have a meat tenderizer so I improvised,” wrote QueenAnneBoleynTudor. Not only will your meat be all tinder and such, you’ll be proud that you made the tool yourself.


Source: Reddit | QueenAnneBoleynTudor

16. An ice cream hack

Getting impatient to eat that Oreo ice cream?  Instead of waiting half an hour for your ice cream to be soft enough, just put it in a freezer bag!


Source: Reddit | CorbinMontego
From: diply

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