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16 Incredibly Strict And Bizarre Rules That Only Exist In North Korea


The world is not a shiny and democratic place everywhere. It also comes with strict rules. In Royalty, there are also rules, like these ones that Kate Middleton needs to follow. Some countries also swear by rigorous rules, and the first and obvious example is probably North Korea. The mysterious country that is rarely ever visited has so many rules that a few dare to break. Here are some of the bizarre laws that only exist in North Korea.


Photography is not allowed most of the times.


All of North Korea is a complete mystery. Outsiders aren’t even allowed into the country unless they pay a huge price. North Korea is extremely isolated and secretive.

Here are a few strange, but true laws from North Korea that are indeed shocking.

1. Government hair cuts


The Western world is blessed to have rights to their own personal style. But in North Korea, there are only 28 government-approved hair styles. That’s all you get. 10 for men, and 18 for women. Can you imagine a country where a haircut is illegal?

2. Big city


Would you like to live in the capital of North Korea? You will actually need permission to live in Pyongyang from the government!

3. Voting is mandatory


We have the right to decide if we want to vote or not during the election. But in North Korea, it’s illegal not to vote and the government mandates that all its citizens MUST vote. Another curiosity, however, is that the government also demands that everyone votes for the same person.

4. Controlled TV


North Korea controls every channel that its citizens can watch. There are only 3 TV channels to choose from and they are strictly controlled by the government.

5. Controlled religion


Religion is also under control in the country. If anyone is seen carrying a Bible or any religious text they are imprisoned or executed. They believe that if the people believe in a power higher than the government, then they could revolt.

6. Family punishment


If a citizen of North Korea commits a crime, then their whole family could face punishment.

7. Three classes


In North Korea, there is a three-caste system that’s really disturbing. North Korea’s founder, Kim Il Sung, established the three-caste system in 1957 to control his population. Society is broken down into these three classes: core, wavering, and hostiles. Thoe that were most loyal to the government were placed in the ‘core’.

8. Human waste


North Korea stopped receiving fertilizer for its farm land from South Korea in 2008. Since, the country has turned to human waste as a trade for animal waste. Each factory in North Korea is made to supply farmers with as much human waste as they need.

9. No escape


If you try to escape North Korea and you are caught, you will either be executed or put into a labor camp. Once you are in, you will probably never get out.

10. No googling


The only people who are allowed to have access to the internet in North Korea are political leaders and their families. Also, students who are studying at elite universities and members of the military’s cyber warfare department can have access to it.

11. State-made web


Computers are also made by a state made operating system. There are no Windows computers or Macs in North Korea.

12. No wifi


Wi-Fi is banned at North Korean embassies around the world. There is also no wifi in North Korea.

13. Tourism


If you’re (un)lucky enough to visit North Korea as a tourist, then a government official will be watching every step you make. The government must approve of every interaction, photograph, and visit.

14. Military women


The women in North Korea’s military have to endure incredibly difficult conditions. They all have to have the same haircut, and always march in unison. If they take one misstep, all of them could be sent to a labor camp.

15. No driving


Citizens cannot drive or own a car because of the government. The only people who can drive and own a car are people working for the government.

16. No international calls


It is against the law to make an international call in North Korea unless you have permission to do that. In 2007, the government allegedly shot a man because he was making international calls.

Crazy, right?


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