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16 Crucial Things You Need To Know Before Getting Laser Hair Removal


Almost everyone loves smooth skin at all times, especially girls in summer. Shaving your legs every day can be exhausting and takes a lot of time. Also, waxing can be really painful, so maybe you are thinking about laser hair removal. But, before actually doing it here are a few important things you need to know as compiled by Diply.

1. Make sure you check the credentials of the company who is doing your treatment

First and most important, don’t make any appointments before checking the credentials and reviews of the company and technician who you want to do your treatment. It needs to be safe and done by a professional who knows all the potential risks associated with the procedure.


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2. Make sure you understand what the process really is

Don’t just do it because you heard your best friend has done it. You have to know what you are getting into. Basically,  laser hair removal works when the light from the laser is converted into heat which targets the pigment in the hair follicles. Then the pigment in the follicles absorbs the light, which leads to destroying the hair.


3. Not everyone is able to receive laser hair removal

The best candidate will be someone who has fair skin and dark hair. In fact, the technician should always do a test patch first to find out if you are suitable for the procedure.


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4. It takes more than one treatment

If you believe that going once for a laser treatment will be enough, you are mistaken. Instead, it will take you few visits, around 6 or 8 spaced roughly 8-12 weeks apart. Even after that, you won’t be 100% hair free. The positive thing is the hair left should be extremely fine.


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5. Everybody is different

Not everyone will need eight treatments. Some people can get only four and be hair-free.


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6. You should be wary of packages when purchasing your treatment

Some places use marketing tricks such as buying several packages ahead for a cheaper price. However, that might not be always the smartest thing to do. Because if you end up needing fewer treatments than you paid for, your money might not be refunded.


7. Don’t wax before your appointment

For at least six weeks. You need to be patient and probably wear long sleeves all summer. Remember, the laser needs to be able to target the follicle. However, it can’t do that if it’s not there.


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8. You can. however, shave before the appointment

Don’t worry shaving won’t remove the root of the hair. The laser is actually targeting the root, not the hair that’s already grown out.


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9. You won’t leave your appointment with hair-free skin

It won’t happen right away. You won’t be leaving your appointment and going straight to a beach in Mexico. Actually, you’ll have to wait about three weeks before you start to shed the hair that you had treated.


10. You can get laser hair removal done on nearly any part of your body that you’d like

If you want, you can remove every hair that you can find on your body. But, first, make sure you check in with the company you’re going with to see if they have specific rules.


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11. Certain spots will only take minutes to complete

You can remove the hair on your upper lip, fairly quickly, in just a few minutes.


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12. Don’t go out in the sun

Again for at least six weeks before and after your appointment. If you expose yourself to the sun, the treatment might be less successful.


13. Some say the process of laser hair removal isn’t any more painful than waxing

But mostly, it all depends if you have a high level or a low level of pain tolerance.


14. After your treatment, your skin might be red

You might look like you’ve spend all your day on a beach without suncream.

Just use some aloe vera or cold water to ease the pain.


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15. If your face is red after a treatment try not to panic

Just apply some make up, that’ll do the trick. It’s all good unless you develop blisters.


16. Potential side effects

Aside from blisters, you may also experience redness, swelling, or tingling of the skin.

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