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You Never Noticed These Things In “Pretty Woman”

Pretty Woman

One of our all time favorite movies is Pretty Woman. People still watch it even these days because it is absolutely iconic. I especially like it because it takes place in the 90’s and also because of the acting skills of Julia Roberts and Richard Gere.They are so adorable.  There’s pleny of reasons to fall head over heels in love with this movie. We are giving you some of the bloopers that you might have missed from the movie:


Here are 16 things you may not have noticed about the film the first time around. Be prepared because some of these will literally blow your mind.

1. Richard Gere’s tie miraculously ties itself back up


How many of you remember the part where Julia unties Richard’s tie and walks out the room? Well, when she comes back the tie is back in place again. Seems like Richard is not very interested after all.

2. Richard Gere loses a crown in his tooth


It turns out that while filming this scene, he lost a crown from his tooth. You can clearely see this while he rolls his tongue around his mouth to check it.

3. The croissant changes to a bagel


When the romantic couple are having breakfast, Julia’s croissant turns into a pancake. Who knew she had such powers?

4. The condoms change color

When Julia offers Richard a condom, something weird happens right after. First they are in the same order and the next minute they change places.  Mhmm?

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