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16 Times The World Said ‘It’s My Ball And I’m Going Home!’


Unless you were born under a lucky star, you will know all to well those times the world just refuses to play ball. Or gives you a burst ball to play with.

You’re on your way to an important interview and a car splashes muddy water all over your ironed outfit, a bird does his business on your shoulder, the bus is late…it’s just one thing after a god damn other…

Is there someone enjoying this? Someone having a laugh at your expense? Check out this classic bad world order gallery compiled by Diply, if your having a bad day, you can definitely relate.

1. Häagen-Dazs versus Spoon – Spoon 1 – Häagen-Dazs 0

ball 1
Reddit | KoldFire

2. Use ducking in a sentence…

He kept throwing the ball, so she kept ducking…yeah that’s how it’s supposed to be used!

ball 2
Instagram | @uniladReddit | GradingOr

3. To what problem exactly, is this answer?

ball 3
Reddit | fightzero01

5. Make it fit, make it fit…smashed egg…

ball 4
Reddit | Lorik_Quiin

6. No… just no!

ball 5
Imgur | theelkeater

7. I hate these ducking things!

ball 6
Reddit | Vanilla_Train

8. When your baby is a demon…

ball 7
Instagram | @meme.w0rld

9. How were you raised?

ball 8
Imgur | SendMePicturesOfDucks

10. Now there’s an interesting conundrum…that’s one smart arachnoid

ball 9
Imgur | chillguyischill

11. Do you really want what’s in there?

ball 10
Imgur | herpinthederp

12. Cable tie 1 – Scissors 0

ball 11

13. So what’s the plan now?

ball 12
Imgur | SmudgyWaffle

14. Well I guess nothing is going to stop you now…burn on

ball 13
Reddit | lucasavancini

15. So I win nothing?

ball 14
Imgur | IGotABellyAche

16. Anyone got a ducking plan B?

ball 15
Imgur | Jyaku
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