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16 Tips To Help You Wear Dark Lipstick Like A Queen


Wearing dark lipstick is a formidable choice. You’ll be sure to make a statement and guarantee that people will be focused on you. By following these easy tips you’ll make sure you’re on the right track when it comes to picking the correct shade and proper application. The list is made by Diply.

1. Preparation is important before applying dark lipstick

Make sure you’re exfoliating your lips using either a scrub or a soft toothbrush to slough away all the dead skin.


2. Moisturize first

This will ensure that your lips don’t get that chapped dry look.

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3. Don’t get stressed when you pick the right shade for your skin

Try going for a berry shade if you have a fair skin tone. And if your skin has a cool undertone, try a blue base. Yellow base is perfect for people with a warm undertone.

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4. Berry tones will also fit you perfectly if you have a medium skin tone

You can even go through with something of a more terracotta tone.

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5. A brown based shade is perfect if you’re tanned or have an oil complexion

Again, a blue based shade is your shade if you have a cool undertone.

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6. Having darker skin means you are free to try out colors of every kind, especially bold ones

Always make sure you do your research about your undertone skin.

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7. Try a blue base shade to avoid your teeth appearing yellow


8. Ask for a sample if you’re not sure what color suits you

Swabbing the side of a lipstick will ensure it’s safety.


9. Make sure you’ve completed moisturizing and exfoliating the area before you apply your lipstick

Proceed on creating a base with a foundation.

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10. Make sure your lips aren’t slack when you’re applying the lipstick

The creases of your lips will remain uncovered if you don’t do so.

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11. Use a brush when applying lipstick

This will make sure you achieve maximum accuracy. Please be careful to start from the outer lip corner and then proceed to the center.


12. Line your lips after applying lipstick, not before

You don’t have to line everywhere, just stick to the center part of your lower lip and you’ll be fine.

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13.  Make sure you soak up with a tissue and set the color with a see through setting powder

Then, go over the lips a second time with the same color. It’ll ensure day-long wear.

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14. Clean the edges with a cotton swab

Darker colors tend to get messy more easily, so remember to always clean up the edges.

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15. Do the pop test with your finger

You wouldn’t want to get any lipstick on your teeth. Remove any residual lipstick bu putting your finger in between your lips and carefully pulling it out.

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16. Remember to wear your dark lipstick with confidence!

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