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16 Tattoos Unbearable To Look At

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Good tattoos are art. They can simply be visually impressive on their own, but they can also hold deeply ingrained meanings, messages and life stories about the people wearing them. Not all of the tattoos are good, though. Three-dimensional tattoos, ambigram tattoos, quotes, movie references, celebrity faces, sports teams, rock bands, ideological, political and religious tattoos… you think you have seen them all?

Check out this astonishing collection of shockingly bad tattoo choices. No matter their taste though, you have to hand it to these people for having the good humor to share these horrible mistakes that they are destined to look at forever. Except if they think what they have on their bodies are beatiful images worth sharing with the world… in which case we really need to be worried about the future of humanity.

1. Charmander never looked worse.



2. One has to simply stand up and acknowledge this fact.



3. Ladies and gentleman, Mr. Conway Twitty.



4. Tattooing the bleedin’ obvious.



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