16 Ways To Luscious Purple Nails

16 Ways To Luscious Purple Nails


I always found the color purple to be an exceedingly appealing color. It brings a certain elegance to those who wear it. People seem cultured wearing it, in a very slick manner. Almost royal. The original dye that was used to produce the color purple was quite expensive back in the days. This is how this color acquired its exclusive status. Traditionally it was generally reserved for royals and people with power and wealth.

But not anymore, the color is open for everyone, wherever you want to wear it.

We’ve featured a couple of ways in which you can implement the color in your everyday look, by painting your nails purple!

1. This is a rather lively shade of purple. The v-feature gives the playful character to the pattern and it creates movement.


Source: Luminous Nails

2. The plum purple will give a mysterious and enticing character to any garment that is worn with it. The sparkles on the next to last finger give a twist to the stern elegance of this particular shade of purple!


Source: Glam Radar

3. This is a very romantic shade of purple. The matte finish immediately grabs the attention of the spectator, since it’s not as noticeable as the shiny finish. It tones down the character of this particular shade of purple and it gives a certain ambiguity.


Source: HD Wallpapers

4. This brand of glittery purple begs for a sequined dress! I already see the type of girl rocking this nail polish in my mind’s eye. She is the disco queen!


Source: Nailz Art

5. This pattern is a rather contemporary approach to the 80s aesthetics and the way the leopard print is used in design.


Source: Instagram | @strawbrie

6. The dusty purple comes alive with the silvery grids and lines.


Source: Boombastic Nails

7. I find this pattern to be absolutely wearable with v-neck sweaters and school-girl skirts. I think it’s something Alicia Silverstone’s character would wear in Clueless!


Source: Instagram | @aubreyhannah

8. This is such a new-age design! It reminds me of star gazing and those lava lamps that we used to have as kids! The black backdrop really makes the colors pop up!


Source: The Polish Well

9. I find the marbled pattern absolutely stunning. It’s as if you are looking at the insides of the Grand Canyon at night time.


Source: Globe & Nail

10. The black currant shade and the swished white reminds me of panna cotta and something infinitely classy!


Source: Finger Nail Polish Designs

11. Not everyone can pull off this look! The gems sprinkled on the top are for the wild at heart!


Source: Frimmbits

12. These zig-zag and triangle patterns would look great on the dance floor.


Source: Instagram | @nailsofjessiek

13. I can see someone in the royal family wearing this particular shade of purple!


Source: Google+ | ELLE

14. The stripes remind me of a rainy day and a French girl in a black turtle neck trying to hail a cab in Paris! So nouvelle vague!


Source: Nailside

15. These nails seem like a lot of fun to wear! They remind me of cartoons and candy!


Source: Steph’s Closet

16. These could easily be the nails of someone playing Chopin on the piano! Tres romantique!


Source: flickr | colorlvr
Main image via HD Wallpapers
Collage images via 1. HD Wallpapers 2. Instagram / @aubreyhannah 3. Globe & Nail

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