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16 Things That Would Be Different If ‘Mean Girls’ Was Made Today


Mean Girls, that movie where Lindsay Lohan battles ‘The Plastics’ in the wild jungles of the public high school system, remember with Regina George the tall, blond, gorgeous leader? Of course you do, it’s one of those movies that never, ever, gets old and it’s getting re-watched continuously by teenagers around the world. Maybe because its so relatable, high-school is usually a nightmare for most teens.

Can you believe it’s been a ore than a decade since it’s original release in 2004?

Continue scrolling to see what adjustments we’d see if the movie was set in 2017 brought to you by Diply.

1. Regina would be an Instagram influencer.

Regina George would be the key leaders to drive your brand’s message to the people. Detox tea, bikinis, workout gear, you name it. She would be it all: yoga guru, fashion blogger, Pantene’s hair model, blah blah instablah!

After all, her hair is insured for $10,000!
source:Carbon Costume

2. Karen would be a famous youtuber

She would have a popular web series about weather reports, and what cute outfit you should wear to match your umbrella today.

She would use her boobs in the thumbnail and it would definitely get her 10million followers. Clickbait!


3. Cady would be a trendsetter

You would see her endorsing brands like Zara or Forever 21 in her Insta photos. The next day the whole school would be wearing the same cute jacket she did. What a fashion diva!

sorce: The Plunder

4. The Burn Book would be on Instagram.

This is Regina’s top secret notebook filled with merciless rumors, secrets, and gossip about all the other girls in their class, as well as some boys and teachers. Except in 2017 it would be an Instagram account, where the plastics would be the only ones having access.

Pretty sure Regina would open Pandora’s box one day, making the account public. She just likes the drama.

source:Kasani Legacy

5. Janis would work at Lush.

Selling bath bombs with essential oils that smell like heaven and add color to your bathwater, seems like her true calling. The Lush company actively encourages employees to be themselves so Janis could be her hip and edgy self. Dream job!

Also, you won’t find her on Facebook. Too mainstream.

source: Movie Pilot

6. Mrs. George would have offered the girls La Croix

A sparkling water that is all natural, zero calories, sugar-free, no artificial calories.

Or a cold and refreshing , of course, non-alcoholic frosé.

What kind of mother do you think she is?

source :Colour Coated

7. To tweet or not to tweet?

She just has a lot of feelings and Twitter would be her therapist. Also, is it so wrong to wish happiness for everyone? Why can’t we all bake cakes filled with rainbows? Just, let the girl express her feelings – it would be cathartic.


8. Aaron would snap both Regina and Cady.

He would be the guy who sends the same abs-pic to two girls. Just be careful not to get confused with the replies, Aaron.

They were smart to  get rid of that best friends feature, am I right?

source:Oh No They Didn’t!

9. Mrs. George would have to stay relevant and keep up with the millennials.

You’ll hear her saying to Regina something like : “Keep it 100”.
Still, cringeworthy when you hear it from a mum, no matter how cool she is.


10. Gretchen would be heartbroken when Regina broke their Snapstreak.

It was their friendship status and it was on fire for 734 Days, which btw wasn’t at all tenuous. Why would Regina do something as cold-hearted like that? Sure makes you wonder.

source:Georgia State Entertainment News

11. Regina would be Harley Quinn for Halloween.

No more adorable animal ears, Regina was born to be Harley Queen for Halloween. Just imagine her with the “PUDDIN” necklace, diamond-shaped tattoos, baseball bat and the heart on the cheek. And of course, she’ll make Aaron go dressed as The Joker.

source:The Odyssey Online

12. Cady would become a professional blogger

From her adventurous life in Africa to her school life in North Shore High School. Who do you think was more dangerous, the lions or the plastics?

She will tell you.

source:Mean Girls Wiki

13. Janis and Damien would be total hipsters.

Going to art galleries, complaining about the previous album of some artist was better, becoming vegans and always ordering mango passion fruit frappuccinos.

They’d probably move to LA and complain about the traffic.

source:Movies With Mae

14. Regina’s sister would be obsessed with the Kardashians.

Especially with Kylie, she would also have a cosmetics company worth $420 Million in the future.

source:Tumblr | watchedonfilm

15. The Plastics would FaceTime every night.

Who uses phones for calling anymore? Don’t be silly.

source:The Inclusive

16. Regina would go on a gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free diet.

She would not even come close to processed food, all she would eat would be organic, natural and.. just a plant-based diet.

Wait to see her reaction when Cady sabotages her with real, fattening dairy and a ton of carbs.

source:Spoon University
Source: Diply

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