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16-year-old Is The Youngest CEO In Australia and She Has Great Advice For Business Women


Parents can have a hard time dealing with their teenage kids. And while some start doing drugs or end up in jail because of their behaviour, there is one teenager who is her mother’s REAL boss. And she is the best one! 16-year-old Ali Kitinas from Sydney, Australia, is the youngest CEO and founder of the ethical body scrub range, Freedom Scrub. This teenage CEO employed her own mother, too.


But how is she coping with all of this pressure and success?


Here she is, pictured with the founder of Anytime Fitness.


Ali was interested in business from a very early age. She would constantly watch her mother at business meetings.

‘I went to business meetings with her and absorbed everything like a sponge.’ she told Daily Mail Australia.

‘Around the time I was eleven, she came out of a corporate role and became an entrepreneur,’ Ali told FEMAIL.

Ali launched her first business – a social media marketing agency – at age 11. Now, at the age of 16, she is the chief executive officer of her own body scrub company.

Freedom Scrub uses ethically-sourced coffee grinds, and for every Freedom Scrub purchased, funds are provided towards providing health care and medical services for 5 children living in the streets and slums of Kolkata. Ali explains that after she went to Kolkata in 2015, she realised how dangerous it is in terms of human trafficking.


There are so many businesses which are just for profit,’ Ali explained.’


‘I want to show you can give back – even in business.’


‘I’ve always been passionate about giving back, and I wanted to imprint the message that young people can help,’ she told FEMAIL.


Ms Kitinas told FEMAIL that the relationship that she has with her mother at home is similar to many other mother-daughter relationships.

‘I try to be a good daughter,’ she laughed.

Her mother Lynne works on the legal and financial side of the business, while she sticks to marketing and products. This balance helps them work together.


Speaking to news.com.au, she added: ‘I do pay her actually. I’m a good boss. I make sure she’s got money to feed the family.’


Ali has had many wonderful moments, including meeting Sir Richard Branson for a mentoring programme for young entrepreneurs.


This incredible young woman is not stopping here.


She explains about some other future ambitions. Ali loves acting and hopes that her career will get her on that path.


As for now, she still gets up at 6 am each day to answer international emails and deal with clients, before going to school.


Currently, Ali is participating in a Vinnies CEO Sleepout, raising money to fight homelessness and poverty.


She is the youngest CEO to participate in this event.


Actually, the event is very special to her because her own mother once lived on the streets before raising herself up through work.


Ali is raising money for the homeless, and has already raised AUD $1,775 in a short period of time.

What is her advice for women?

Speaking about her tips for young business women, Ali said the main thing to do is just ‘go for it’.

‘Trust your instincts and follow your passion. You need to believe in yourself. I would love to work with the United Nations one day.’


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