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17 Clever Clothing And Footwear Hacks Every Girl Should Know

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No matter what your style is or how important the role of fashion plays in your life, this is for you. Whether you follow the current trends or you just love wearing tracksuits all day long, there are some things ever woman needs to know. Here are 17 hacks that can come in handy at some point in your life.

1. How to tuck jeans into boots

If you don’t feel like sporting a hippy look for the day, do not fret. Follow this simple steps and you’ll have skinny-looking jeans in no time.

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2. Hiding your bra strap

You know this issue only too well. Luckily there’s a DIY bra strap concealer that will spare you the blushes.

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Source:Recycled Fashion

3. Choosing the right necklace

Your necklace and the neckline have to go together like horse and carriage. Here’s a useful iconographic that will help you out with these decisions massively.

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Source:Inside Out Style

4. Waterproofing shoes

By using beeswax, you can protect your favorite footwear from any elements nature may throw your way.

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Source:Brit + Co.

5. DIY cap shoes

Do not spend too much money replacing your favorite ballerina flats. There is a super-easy method for making your own, adorable cap shoes.

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Source:The Fitnessista

6. Knotting your belts

If you are starting to feel fed up with your belts collection, spice it up by knotting them around your waist instead of buckling them. Simple and chic!

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7. Stretching out shoes painlessly

Instead of walking around your house like Bambi, use this ingenious method instead.

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8. Double layers, half frump

Layering is a widespread winter trend, but it is oh so easy to end up with a bulky and frumpy-looking torso. To avoid this, while keeping all the fabulousness of the layers, put a tank top between the two layers to keep the bottom shirt from bunching up.

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9. Reviving your boots

During winter months, dirt and salt are silent boot killers. Revitalize your dulled boots by applying some oil-free cleaner and rubbing it in with a toothbrush by using circular motions.

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Source:11 and Chic

10. Cuffing sleeves perfectly

Here’s a guide that will show you how to look funky in an old shirt by cuffing its sleeves.

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Source:Who What Wear

11. New ways of wearing your scarf

If you wear scarves constantly, you might freshen it up a bit by trying out some new knots. Here’s an easy tutorial that will make a world of difference.

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Source:Miss Polly Roger

12. Repairing bras

Don’t just throw away that favorite bra of yours when the wires start poking through. Use some moleskin to cover the affected areas and you’ll be able to enjoy it for a while longer.

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Source:Chaotically Creative

13. Strengthen your hosiery

Spray your tights with hairspray to strengthen the material and prolong their life considerably.

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14. Removing deodorant marks

It has happened to all of us. You spend a lot of time getting ready, only to have your self-confidence shot by some white deodorant stains on your shirt. The solution is a piece of cake: baby wipes.

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Source:Real Simple

15. Folding t-shirts

Here’s an awesome step-by-step guide on how to fold your t-shirts so that they don’t end up all wrinkled – admit it, you needed a hack like this.

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Source:Darkroom & Dearly

16. Reusing sweaters

Give your old sweaters a new purpose by turning them into legwarmers. Your ankles will be grateful when you’re older.

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17. Hanging pants like a pro

After a long working day, hanging one’s slacks properly seems like the biggest ask of all. Check out this brilliant way of hanging pants that will leave them perfectly pressed for the following day.

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