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17 Incredibly Crafty Cakes That Look Like Something Else


Having a sweet tooth isn’t easy, especially if you are into chocolate, brownies, ice cream, muffins, and everything else. Let’s not forget the biggest lover of sweets, those who adore cakes. Cakes do not only look great, but they are tasty as hell. They are the perfect way to celebrate special occasions and go pretty well with your afternoon coffee. There are so many creative cakes around the world, and many of you have probably felt sorry that those cakes are going to be eaten. Looking like real masterpieces, it makes you sad to ruin them. Stop feeling sorry for them, as they were also made to be enjoyed. These crafty cakes look as something completely else and they beg you to stare at them. But the moment you realize they are delicious, don’t hesitate to eat them! Here are some awesome cakes that are too good to be eaten.

These crafty cakes look like something completely different and they beg you to stare at them. Here are some awesome cakes that are too good to be eaten.

1. When your loved one is not a fan of sweet things, but you still find a way to surprise them.


They will probably hesitate in the beginning, but once they see the inside, they’ll get stuck in!

2. Taco hell yeah!


That taco cake is so realistic, even the ‘beef’ looks real!

3. Art cake


I would not dare eat this masterpiece. Absolutely beautiful!

4. A donut and a cake all at once!


Too good to eat!

5. Lord Of The Rings cake


Meticulously made! I’m loving it!

6. The fruit cake


Who said I don’t eat fruit?

7. I dropped my ice cream


A wonderful cake made out of this disappointing event that most of us have experienced. So creative!

8. The log cake


Are you sure that’s not a real log?

9. Wait, what?


Did it take so long to realize that it’s not a plant, but a real cake?

10. Cakey art


Art has never tasted so good! This one I would definitely leave it like this. I dare not touch this masterpiece.

11. Not a cartoon


It’s a real cake!

12. Harry Potter


All book lovers would love it!

13. Nice catch!

So impressive and realistic!

14. The crystal cake

Is that even edible? Sure it is.

15. Juicy steak

Looks good for the steak lovers.

16. Pi cake

Would anyone like a slice of maths?

17. Sugar rush

for the love of 🍓pocky and 🍫oreo #cakeetcetera #defyinggravity #pockycake

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This is beyond creative.

If you didn’t have enough, here is a tutorial on how to make a Lego cake.

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