17 Fun Activities For This Winter Break With Your Kids

Winter break is coming and everyone seems to be excited! When the holidays are over, all you are left to do is spending time with your dearest kids. Christmas crafts may not be your thing, but you can still have fun with your kiddies, right? If you ever feel like you are out of ideas, Diply has got your back! It has brought 17 fun activities for the winter break this time. Some include adults only! It’s time to rol up those sleeves and get started.

1. Make maple snow taffy

This one is fun and yummy, too! Boil maple syrup for about ten minutes until it’s sticky. Next, pour it onto snow and let the kids twist some taffy.


Source: Happy Hooligans

2. Teach your kids to make frozen bubbles

There is no fun inside when there is snow! Add some soap and water to a bowl and get them to blow through a straw. Your kids will be mesmerized and you will be amazed at what a simple activity can do. More free time for you, too!


Source: Fireflies and Mudpies

3. Maze fun

Get out the duct tape and make a giant floor maze for your little ones. The rules are simple. They just need to get a ball from point A to point B with a straw and their air power. Amazing!


Source: Rachel Swartley

4. Snow slime is so much fun!

There are recipes all over the internet for this kid-approved craft. You need to dissolve one tablespoon of Borax in one cup of water. Then, just add white glue, more water, some food coloring, sparkles, and let them slime it out.


Source: Growing A Jeweled Rose

5. Make wine-filled gummy bears

After making hello gummy bears for the kids, make yourself a treat! Your partner will be amazed. Be careful as your kids might mix these up with their own. These bears are for adults only!


Source: Stay Snatched

6. Make a snowy owl and have fun

Get your kids outside and make hem collect pinecones. They will need these to stuff them with cotton and then turn them into a cute owl.


Source: Art Experiences

7. Have a snow picnic

When there is sun outside, you can still have fun in the snow! Pack up some snacks and hot chocolate in a thermos and take the kids out for a snow hike. Then, stop for a fun picnic long the way.


Source: Simple Bites

8. Fun activities on a cube

Write fun activities on a cube and make your kids enjoy rolling the dice. This is always fun!


Source: Life Over Cs

9. Create a ring toss

This one is so simple that you just need to look at the picture! All you need are paper plates, paper towel tubes, scissors, paint and that trusty duct tape.


Source: From ABC to ACTs

10. Make DIY snow paint

White snow becomes boring at a certain point. Why not painting it? It’ll keep the kids busy for hours! Just fill up some spray bottles with water and food coloring and get the party started.


Source: Really Quite Lucky

11. Try the alphabet game

Mixup and spread out letters of the alphabet around the house and let your kids find. Then, they need to make the alphabet. Help them whenever they need help.


Source: Busy Toddler

12. Create a scavenger hunt

Write a list of things to find around the house and invent a prize for the first one to complete the hunt. Try to make it harder than it seems.


Source: i heart crafty things

13. Design a bird feeder

Get out the lego, egg cartons, and empty OJ jugs to keep your little ones busy and helping the tiny creatures.


Source: Growing A Jeweled Rose

14. Make an upside-down snowman

This is a fun winter challenge whenever there is fresh snow outside. It should buy you time to enjoy a cup of hot coffee while your kids are making this snowman.


Source: Princess Pinky Girl

15. Paper cups castle

Paper cups were meant for stacking! Let their imagination run wild with these and they will be busy for hours.


Source: All Boy Homeschool

16. Create soft glowing snow lanterns

Make art with all those snowballs! When night comes, slip a tea light under each one to create magical snow lanterns. Your kids will be amazed!


Source: Little Green Fingers

17. Make a colorful inukshuk

Get out all that Tupperware and fill it with water and a few drops of food coloring. This will create colorful ice blocks that the kids can stack to make Inukshuks.


Source: My Small Potatoes

Here are some more holiday crafts for you.

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