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17 Historical Photos Showing The Different Way Of Living In The Past


We often take historical facts for granted, but when we hear the stories and look at the pictures, we tend to romanticize the past, too. Also, we like to criticize the present without realizing that we live in the greatest comfort and freedom, at least some of us. Historical photos can say so much about the way people lived, and we are sometimes shocked that only 100 years ago, people didn’t have such great freedom. For example, child labor in North America was completely legal and common. People in the past didn’t have electricity, and their habits were so different than ours are now. These pictures give us a glimpse into the past that we may have forgotten or haven’t seen.

1. A 7-year-old oyster shucker named Carrie.

This girl worked thirteen hours a day, shucking oysters and tending the baby in 1911.


Source: reddit | RyanSmith

2. Central Park, Havana in 1928.


Source: reddit | hinklefinkledinkledo

3. A little girl dancing at the Woodstock Festival.

Source: reddit | ClosingDownSummer

4. A “lumber” truck being inspected during prohibition.


Source: reddit | woodard2112

5. A policeman helping out a cat while she crosses Centre St., New York with her kitten.

So cute!

historical 2

Source: reddit | RyanSmith

6. The Brooklyn cable car system during construction in the 1880s.

Source: reddit | verbatim2242

7. An open-air school in the Netherlands in the 1950s.

The schools were actually designed to help prevent the spread of tuberculosis and improve overall health.

historical 3

Source: reddit | will_twerk_4_jezus

8. A Tolowa woman, from the Oregon/California area in 1923.

Her language was Athabaskan.

historical 4

Source: reddit | KazCarpent

9. The main chopper gunner stricken with grief, post-mission during the Vietnam War.


Source: reddit | Intertubes_Unclogger

10. The cast of the original Star Trek in front of the real Enterprise.

Source: reddit | aldreban

11. Ronald Reagan, aiming a hunting rifle on the Air Force One.


Source: reddit | Learned_Response

12. A young Berber woman in their traditional dress in the early 20th century.

Source: reddit | bigdumbbear

13. The Moulin Rouge club in Paris during the ’20s.


Source: reddit | pat-pat-says-the-cat

14. The wreckage of an airliner in Park Slope, Brooklyn, 1960.


Source: reddit | mike_pants

15. Elvis Presley during his time in the Army!


Source: reddit | pat-pat-says-the-cat

16. JFK campaigning in West Virginia, standing on a kitchen chair.


Source: reddit | Ass_Fondler

17. Patty Duke, who played Helen Keller in The Miracle Worker

She is posing with the real-life Helen Keller.


Source: reddit | JustBlue
Main and collage image via reddit / pat-pat-says-the-cat

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