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17 Illustrations Show The Hilarious Yet, Challenging Side of Pregnancy


Being pregnant nowadays does not stop you from doing anything you did before. Yep, except for maybe drinking alcohol, to say the least. Pregnancy has inspired so many mothers to show the true experience on social media, and Maya Vorderstrasse is one of them. There is no doubt that pregnancy brings that bliss in your eyes and you feel like nothing can make you upset, but it all comes with a price. This new life is living inside of you, waiting to come out. Okay, maybe you are waiting for them to come out as they are comfortable in their cute bubble, but some pregnancy moments are priceless. This artist has put some of them into illustrations.


Illustrator and a mother of two, Line Severinsen, has sketched out a few cartoons that were inspired by motherhood and pregnancy. I know it may look hard, but there will come a day when you will have a good laugh at this.

1. Simple tasks become impossible


2. What comfort feels like


Grabbing all those pillows in your house for that ‘just right comfort’.

3. The most uncomfortable sleeping position.


Same for almost a year. Like a cow pretending to be a dead bird.

4. You must keep positive


You keep preparing yourself mentally for the final battle by watching all those pregnancy shows. And yet, you end up terrified.

5. The midnight screams


Finding your comfortable position is basically impossible. And the cramps…

6. “My water broke!”


You never know where you will deliver your baby. Water may break at any time…any place.

7. Staying sober


Your self-control is at the highest level!

8. The cravings


Those sudden cravings for a particular flavor are endless.

9. Something unwanted


The hormonal changes may bring some unwanted hair on your body.

10. “We’ll be pregnant together!”


When your husband is turning into your counterpart. Way to go, belly!

11. All those compliments


They just scare you.

12. The wait!


You keep wondering how much time will it take to get back to your sexy figure.

13. When the baby is showing their fists


You wonder now and then if there is some football match going on inside your tummy.

14. Real struggles


All those 9 months you can’t possibly decide on the meaning of your name.

15. The biggest fear of dads


Your husband’s greatest fear of lifetime is mostly no big deal.

16. You can’t reach stuff!


Also, you cannot see your feet anymore! The third trimester is on!

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17. “Can I touch it?”


Your belly turns into some kind of a magical ball, and you are just irritated.

Source: Wittyfeed

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