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17 People Who Are Definitely Having A Much Worse Day Than You


Some days are worse than others, and some days you can not wait to end. Whether the wind and rain ruined your just blow-dried hair, you missed your bus to work, maybe you got fired or your boyfriend ended your 2-years relationship, you feel like the world is crashing down all around you and you ask yourself why you have the worse luck ever. Maybe you don’t. There is always someone who is having a much crappier day than you. That does sound reassuring in some way.

Read this list made by Aunty Acid till the end, and you’ll find your better off than these unfortunate guys.

1. How would you like your pizza rare, medium, well done… or meteorite?


Also, sir, we have limited edition of special toppings for pizza today. Would you like our most requested – charcoal?
– Sure, don’t be shy!

2. This is not good


And they say your troubles are all over after you’re dead!

3. He is not supposed to be doing that

This one is ironic. He just made his job so much more difficult. Sir, why are you sabotaging yourself?

4. Hairstyle gone wrong

First of all, why? Second of all, how? Did they call a hedgehog’s momma fat and get into a fight?


5. Who’s thirsty?


Let’s hope you have a can  opener somewhere near you. But then, the whole point is to drink from a can, no one wants to drink from a glass. Just accept your fate and buy yourself another one.

6. Is that a bride on a subway? Crying?


Right, there is no way that your day is worse than hers. This picture is heart-breaking, all I want to do is give her a big hug.

7. What were they thinking?

Those cops probably forgot that their cute jeep is not a Transformer.  Now they can chill with the crocodiles all day.

8. You know you are having a bad day when your car is getting totaled


You are certainly having the worst day ever when your car gets totaled in the place where it was supposed to be fixed, by the guy who was doing the repairs!

9. Today we are going to film  Fast and Furious,  a self-made movie


Ok, that wasn’t supposed to happen.

10. Your worst nightmare becoming a reality


After this photo, maybe you’ll think twice before going on a roller coaster again.

11. Damn


Look on the bright side, you always wanted a white interior for your car. There is always a silver lining.

12. You have to call your boss now


You can do it. Breathe. Ok, here goes nothing.

“Sir? It’s Tony. Yeah. It happened again.”

13. This must be a bet gone wrong


What a great idea. Now all she lost is her money for repairing that ceiling.

14. Were you making a wedding cake?


Maybe just order from a bakery next time. You are clearly not the person for the job.

15. These guys are even worse at their jobs!


Imagine the clean up job on that spillage!

16. Cops should not make mistakes



17. This one hurts, so much.


Can you feel the pain? All.That.Beer. Why do bad things happen to good people?

Do you feel slightly better now, or maybe even worse? Make sure you tell us in the comments.

Source: Auntyacid

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