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17 Pictures That Prove The Future Has Arrived


Remember Back to the Future? How about Beyond 2000?

Well, okay, we didn’t exactly get the hoverboards we dreamed about as kids yet, but while living in the present we tend to forget how far we’ve actually come and that we already have many gadgets and pieces of software that are actually even more advanced than what those movies and shows predicted.

Check out the list of some of the coolest sci-fi like items that are already in use.

1. Movement-controllable electronics

via information gif bestebookreaders / thalmiclabs information thalmiclabs gif / bestebookreaders

2. An app that can recognize phrases visuallly and translate them

via information gif imgur / itunes information itunes gif / imgur

3. Stairs-climbing wheelchair


via information gif dailydot / mit.edu information mit.edu gif / dailydot

4. Ocupado

via reddit u / jdk

5. Canned burgers


Source: via Diply / Diply


Source: via Diply / gizmodo

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