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17 Random Celebrities Who Are Hilarious Comedians

Credit: Will Smith/Facebook

Being a celebrity is tough. You are constantly in the spotlight, surrounded by flashlights and forever being criticized by the media. It’s indeed a complicated feeling, and your privacy goes out the window. Sometimes, you are  bound to have some of your funniest moments captured on camera. In this way, many people will get to see them, just being hilarious, but how do celebrities feel when this happens? Here are celebrities who experienced this.

1. Adele

What getting ready for the gym literally feels like. Adele nailed it!


Source: Twitter | @Adele

2. Bill Murray


Source: Imgur | krakenkeeper

He is an absolute legend! Obviously, he’s an outstanding comedic actor, and his down-to-earth attitude is hilarious.


Source: Imgur | krakenkeeper

He just shows up to things! Invited or not, sometimes a random Bill Murray will appear.

3. Danny Trejo


Source: Twitter | @officialDannyT

I wonder what’s weirder, the cake with hundreds of candles or the knife? Danny Trejo just wants everyone to enjoy some cake. Apparently, the cake needs enough candles to burn a house down, though.

4. Aubrey Plaza


Source: Imgur | brlol

Makes you ocmpare her to Grumpy Cat. Here is another hilarious moment of hers. The moment she wore sunglasses with a moustache attached to them on the red carpet — simply because Amy Poehler dared her to!



5. Danny DeVito


Source: Twitter | @DannyDeVito

He just tweeted this socked foot, for no apparent reason. And that is just hilarious.

6. Eminem


Source: Imgur | Lentic

Marshall Mathers has always had a great sense of humor. And the best is that his jokes always seem to come out of nowhere.


Source: Imgur | Lentic

Did you see his face as he’s making a joke?

7. Barack Obama

Remember when he randomly tweeted out his playlist of summer jams? It seems like he was already in vacation mode in August 2016, and who could blame him?


Source: Twitter | @POTUS44

He is so suited for comedy.

8. Robert Downey Jr.

Just look at the difference between Mark Ruffalo and RDJ’s twitter bio!


Source: Twitter | @MarkRuffalo | Twitter | @RobertDowneyJr

Robert Downey Jr. isn’t afraid to be dashing, ridiculous, and crazy at the same time!

9. Shaquille O’Neal


Source: Twitter | @SHAQ

Despite doing this awesome pun, he has, like, a hundred nicknames. Some of them are pretty far out, like “The Big Leprechaun” and “Hobo Master.”

10. Sarah Paulson

No, this is not Lana Del Rey!


Source: Twitter | @YasBeyonce

A fan mistook her for Lana Del Ray on Twitter. But the greatest part was when Paulson came to a certain realization…


Source: Twitter | @MsSarahPaulson

Yep, Lana Del Ray’s real name is Elizabeth Grant.

11. Ryan Reynolds


Source: Twitter | @VancityReynolds

Such a funny actor! A loving husband, nurturing father, and a totally hilarious tweeter.

12. Anna Faris


Source: Twitter | @AnnaKFaris

She and her husband Chris Pratt are hilarious parents, obviously.


13. Amy Poehler


Source: Imgur | Zewzur

A great fan of Game of Thrones, Poehler just owned author George R.R. Martin with that trick question.

14. Tina Fey


Source: Imgur | Zewzur

Apart from writing and directing some of the funniest movies and shows, she is undoubtedly one of the biggest comedic heroes.

15. Chrissy Teigen


Source: Twitter | @chrissyteigen

She’s constantly making fun of her husband Jon Legend, or “Ledgend” if you’re the Golden Globes.

16. Rihanna


Source: Instagram | @rihplies

She is another savage on Twitter and her jokes are just insane!

17. Will Smith


Source: Facebook | Will Smith

Chopping off Jaden’s dreads make him the super hilarious villain.

And then, of course, he had to try them on himself…


Source: Facebook | Will Smith

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