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Red Carpet Hacks For Everyday Situations Finally Revealed


Whenever celebrities walk on the red carpet we see much more than their stunning outfits and styles. We can actually watch these shows for educational purpose, for a change. Before you discard this idea, think about how many times you’ve seen celebrities make huge mistakes in choosing outfits or hairstyles. Sometimes, however, they look flawless, and there are many things to do before they achieve their looks. Long live Snapchat, for that’s where we take a peek at what’s behind the scenes of celebrities getting ready for the red carpet. We present to you – the red carpet life hacks you can all benefit from.

1. Get rid of flyaways forever

Do you ever see a photo and realize that you look amazing except that your flyaways are ruining the shot? There’s an easy solution to that. Just spray toothbrush bristles with hairspray and tame them in no time.


Source:TV Guide

2. Forget about looking shiny in pictures.

Try using a makeup setting spray after you’ve finished everything. It’ll keep your makeup from slipping off.


Source:Movie Pilot

3. If you ever run out of liquid eyeliner…

Don’t worry, there’s a hack for that! Ditch the liner and use a wet eyeshadow at the lash line instead.


Source:Fashion Tips

Using eyeshadow as eyeliner is the best option because it gives you so many colors to chose from.


Source: Beauty Crew

4. How to make the most popular pose on the red carpet.

The “hand on the hip” pose is easy once you relax your shoulders.



5. What is the secret behind the plunging necklines?

Making it so hard to wear a bra, celebrities must use gaffer tape to replace a push-up bra. Kim Kardashian was the one who revealed this secret.



6. How to avoid chafing.

Amy Schumer has the best hack for that. On Instagram, she posted a video of her using deodorant on her thighs.


Source:Daily Mail

Ideal for summer days when you’re wearing shorts.


Source:Hawt Celebs

7. When you want to glow, and not shine.

Jennifer Lopez uses a moisturizing balm, but you can also use a bit of Vaseline on the high points of your face.


Source:Just Jared

8. How to deal with your dry skin.

Lupita Nyong’o loves her avocado oil all over hr body, skin, and hair.



9. How to get rid of pimples.

Celebrities are normal people who deal with pimples, too. Some of them use apple cider vinegar.



10. Use spray tan to look red-carpet ready.

Be careful not to exaggerate with it, though.



11. Or try gradual self tanners instead.


Source:Beauty Editor

12. How to deal with the pain of wearing high heels.

The insoles you can buy at the store really do help with the pain.


Source:Style Bistro

13. Another tip for high heels pain.

Use tape to make sure your third and fourth toes stick together.


Source:Glamorous Heels

14. How to get rid of wrinkles.

According to a stylist, it’s all about how you sit in the car on the way to an event! Lean back as much as you can to avoid the hip wrinkle.


Source:Us Weekly

15. How not to slip on the floor.

You can use sandpaper on the bottom of your heels to fix this problem.


Source:Huffington Post

16. Black-tie events require proper preparation.

Make sure to pack a Minimergency Kit. It has everything you’ll need in a fashion emergency. The kit is small and includes double-sided tape, two earring backs, stain remover and more.


Source: Glamorous Heels

17. The most important hack.

Wear what you want and what makes you feel amazing!


Source: Us Weekly

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