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17 Things Every Woman Hates About Their Partner


Being in a relationship is far from easy. They require hard work, dedication, empathy, and love above all. Doing things that get on your partner’s nerves is one of the things you should stop doing, because you don’t want to annoy the hell out of them. Take women for example. Many of them would agree that their partners shouldn’t lean over their hair or ruin their hairstyle. Although men think this is of little importance, don’t you ever tell that to your female partner.

What else do women consider annoying by their partners? Find out in the following list made by Aunty Acid.

1. When they lean over onto your hair and almost rip it out

Any long-haired lady or any lady knows this feeling too well. It actually hurts and hurts their feelings, too! All of a sudden your scalp is on fire and it’s because your partner has leaned his elbow or hand on your hair. Stay calm, men, and try to understand us!

2. Leaving their beard shavings in the sink or wherever in the bathroom.


That is not only annoying, but ugly, too! Cleanin up after you make a mess is crucial. And it’s only fair.

3. Leaving boxers everywhere

boxers (1)

If your mama didn’t teach you where to put them, we don’t really care! Their place is not near the fridge or on the balcony. There’s a laundry hamper, so you might as well use it.

4. Having no spatial awareness

Men need to know when to get out of a girl’s personal space. Respect is very important.

5. Diving into bed

For some unusual reason, men do this at the end of the day and you are wide awake when that happens, of course!

6. Eating all your food

A woman’s leftovers are her leftovers, okay? You might as well ask her before eating them.

7. Being snappy

Yeah, stop complaining about girls being temperamental, when you’re so grumpy in the morning. Or when you get home from work. And also last thing at night. Sad, but true.

8. When they’re a people pleaser

You need to stop that because it just makes you unhappy!

9. Embarrass you in public

Even if he is not aware of this, it’s just as bad. You still end up looking stupid, and that’s sad.

10. Bad communication

Women are not mind readers, so you better start speaking.

11. Taking too much space in bed


And don’t you dare say we do that, too! Either way, this is a pretty annoying one.

12. Snoring

We know girls snore too. But men who snore and girls who don’t snore are a bad pair. Why not try to solve your snoring problem?

13. Leaving stuff lying around

Being tidy is important for both of you, so don’t just leave stuff around. It’s annoying.

14. Wearing horrible clothes


Girls make great efforts to look nice, so why not follow their example? Make sure to work on your style, please!

15. Acting differently in front of friends

It’s a simple fact that people act differently with different groups of people. But doing that all the time makes men look a bit childish.

16. Leaving the toilet seat up


This is so obvious, yet, not many men do it! Respect your woman and put that toilet seat down, man!

17. Being inappropriate in front of family

Something like sharing the last stupid thing you did in front of their parents, and then expecting you to smile. No, we won’t smile because it isn’t funny at all!

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Source: Auntyacid

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