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17 Things That Only Those Who Have A Sibling Can Relate To


Siblings are the greatest gift one could have. They’re also the biggest curse one could have at the same time. While those who have siblings love them to death and will give their life for them if they had to, sometimes they just don’t get along and it can result in a lot of fights, confrontations, parent intervention and empty bags of chips because one of the siblings finished it instead of saving some for the other sibling.

Even though personally I do have a sibling, that sibling is older than me which means I didn’t go through all of the stuff that a person with a same-aged or younger sibling would go through. Those of you who are like that, I think you’ll know exactly what some people are trying to say below.

1. Let’s hope he doesn’t waste all the hot water


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2. One sibling always gets more love than the other


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3. What TV show should be watched next


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4. Caged up


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5. At least he fits in there…



6. Do you even lift, [little] bro?


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7. Straight up the derriere!


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8. Come here and give your big bro a cuddle


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9. They didn’t have to go that far…

9. The inception of sibling rivalry

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10. The rivalry is still on, age is just a number

10. The rivalry never dies

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11. Hiding your valuables in the veggie drawer

Cause you knew your younger sibling hated veg and he daren’t go inside that drawer.


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12. Rest in pepperonis


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13. That’s deep

13. The lies that scarred you for most of your childhood


14. Awkward poses for photos



15. After about three [mili]seconds, those poses would morph into something like this


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16. The fight for the front seat

16. The fight for the front seat

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17. Matching outfits at the age of… 70 something I guess.


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