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17-Year-Old Does An “It”-Themed Photoshoot With His Brother, And It Will Give You The Shivers


Feeling ready for the official release of the supernatural horror film It? The official release date in the U.S is September 8! Oh, wait, that’s tomorrow! Actually, let me disappoint you a bit. In Sydney, It has its Australian premiere today, and red balloons coming out of drains are all over the city. Is Pennywise hiding there? People are dying to see the adaptation of Stephen King’s 1986 novel of the same name. The novel was previously adapted into a movie, but this new one has a lot more to promise. While you are eagerly waiting to see the story of how seven children face their own personal demons, here is a scary photo shoot that will give you the shivers.

17-year-old Mississippi photographer Eagan Tilghman released pictures of a creative photo shoot he did with his 3-year-old brother Louie. And the pictures will give you the shivers! Twisted clowns can really terrify children, but twisted child clowns can even petrify adults. Photographer Eagan decided to dress Louie up as Pennywise, the scary “monster”. The most interesting thing is that the 17-year-old did everything by himself. He did the makeup and created the chilling costume. As a matter of fact, everything was so well produced, that even Andy Muschietti, the director for the upcoming movie remake of “It”, appreciated Eagan’s Instagram post with a like.

The film received positive reviews since it was released in L.A on September 5th, with many critics praising the acting, direction and faithfulness to the novel.

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1. Are you scared yet?


2. Maybe when you see this boy’s reflection in the water, you will be…


3. There is something scary about red balloons.


4. Scary, yet adorable.


5. Be careful, you might meet him on the road.


6. Looking like this…


7. Wanna play?


8. Even his smile creeps me out.


9. The brothers are hoping their photoshoot catches the eyes of Ellen DeGeneres.


10. Adorable toddler masked into the terrifying clown.


11. Brothers






While the photoshoot gave everyone nightmares, Union Pacific Railroad pointed out that the photoshoot was dangerous and illegal, too.




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