18 Appalling makeup disasters that will make you physically uncomfortable


When we think about makeup, we are picturing an image of a beautiful woman in our minds. In reality, we all try different styles, and we spend a lot of time watching different tutorials how to make our makeup right. But, many images are showing the opposite of beautiful and there is no need to imagine how it looks. Here are examples of makeup fiascoes.

1.Lady Gaga looks hilarious


Sometimes she is eccentric, and you can’t recognise her, it’s her signature style to be like that. But, here she went too far.


2.Is this some new trend

2. Look at those eyebrows

Thick eyebrows are trendy  but this are toooo thick, dont you agree?


3.Doppio style


Why two sets of eyebrows, its not even funny.


4. The eyebrows “catch me if you can.”

4. The eyebrows that ran away

Do you have a feeling like this lady has serious issues with her eyebrows?


5. When doppio eyebrows are just not enough

5. There are no words

It’s good to be creative and experiment sometimes, but it has to be a limit.



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