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These 18 Athletes Definitely Challenge Kim Kardashian’s Physique


A lot of girls out there really want to look like certain celebrities. They harp on and on about this lady’s toned body, and that actress’ boobs, and that singer’s outer ear bones.

One of the role models when it comes to how a lot of girls want to look is Kim Kardashian. And sure, nothing’s wrong with Kim Kardashian hips, boobs and every other nice nook and cranny she seems more than happy to show off to her fans, but come on guys, there are so many other better-looking girls that can give Kim a run for her money.

To prove that point, here are 18 athletes that we reckon can give the big K a run for her money

1. Anais Zanotti

These Women Have Physiques That Will Challenge Kim Kardashian

By day, Zanotti is a stuntwoman, and while that doesn’t sound really fitness-related, or like something that requires any sort of competition, Zanotti is still a very fit and brave woman and we thought she definitely deserved a spot on this list.

2. Jennie Finch


This La Mirada softball player may be aged 36, but she’s still in absolutely great shape. She has pitched for the Arizona Wildcats, and the Chicago Bandits as well.

3. Jen Selter


While fitness may not be a competitive athletic sport, if you call it that, then Jen Selter is the all-conquering champion in the field. Referred to numerous times as “The Most Famous Butt on Instagram”, this 23-year-old Long Islander certainly has the assets to make our friend Kim look somewhat pokey.

4. Julia Mancuso


Julia Mancuso is famed for being an Olympic gold medalist for the US, pioneering in alpine ski racing. One of the apparent perks of being an alpine skier is having an amazing shape.

5. Stacey Kiebler


While she may not exactly be an athlete, persay, Keibler still holds a stellar physique, especially for being aged 37! She has worked as a professional model and a WWE girl in the past, so it’s obvious why she had to be in tip-top shape.

6. Alexandra Raeva


This lady here was the homelander at the 2014 Russian Winter Olympics in Sochi. Even though she’s only 24, she did a fairly good job on the curling team at the Olympics, and she is both very athletic, and very, very attractive.

7. Alana Blanchard


You can’t deny that surfing is one of the coolest sports out there. And no, it’s totally not just cool because you get to see ladies like Alana Blanchard when you go surfing. Okay, maybe that’s just a tiny little reason.

This 27-year-old model and surfer grew up (and still resides) in Hawaii, and she has grown up to become a pro. She also models and designs for Rip Curl, a company that designs wetsuits and athletic apparel mainly designed for surfing.

8.  Tatiana Borodulina


Speed skater Tatiana has competed in the Olympics multiple times for different countries. She started by competing for Russia, and then in 2010 for Australia, and then she competed one last time for her homeland of Russia at the 2014 Olympics.

9. Alex Morgan


Proof that soccer is not just full of attractive men with… debatable haircuts. Our proof comes in the form of Alex Morgan, who competes for the US National Soccer team and is also an Olympic gold medalist.

10. Chemmy Alcott


Even though Chemmy Alcott is now retired, and hasn’t won a medal despite representing the UK several times, she remains very fit. I think the fact that she’s been skiing since they age of 2 may have some contribution to that.

11. Caitlin Rice


This lady may not be an Olympic athlete, all it takes is one look at her *ahem* assets (I promise, last time I use that joke) to see that she is fit enough to compete with the Kardashian. She is quite well known for her fitness regimens.

12. Brooke Adams

These Women Have Physiques That Will Challenge Kim Kardashian 12

Known in the ring as simply Brooke, this lady is not only gorgeous, but she can kick some. The 32-year-old is a regular competitor in the solo circle of women’s wrestling.

13. Liliana Fernandez


The most attractive female sport, I think you’ll agree, is volleyball. I mean, come on, this is the sport that is known for doing the best job of toning a girl’s backside, and Spanish National Volleyball Team player Lilliana Fernandez is hard proof.

14. Snezana Rodic


This track and field runner is definitely an interesting case. She keeps a very fit body. Just look at her back side.

15. Jennifer Nicole Lee


While Kim Kardashian has achieved the feat that is losing some weight after having kids, Jennifer Nicole Lee took it to the next level by losing a whopping 70 lbs after giving birth. She’s now an author, motivational speaker and fitness model.

16. Serena Williams


Serena Williams is one of the most well-recognized tennis players of all time. She has achieved worldwide fame, and despite being 35, she still keeps her fitness at a very high level. And again, despite being 35, she still competes and competes quite a bit.

17. Michelle Jenneke


Michelle Jenneke is one of the fastest women in the world, and she’s had a pretty successful career to match. Hailing from Australia, she competed in the 2010 Youth Olympics in which she won a silver medal. She’s known for her unique shimmy and shake ritual that she performs before each run. If you thought Jenneke was hot, check out this next athlete…

18. Maria Sharapova


Maria Sharapova is also one of the most famous and best tennis players in the world, and she is quite well known for her scream. She is ranked among the top 10 for all female tennis players, so it’s obvious that she excels at maintaining her fitness.


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