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18 Bizarre Beauty Gadgets That Just Happen To Appear In This Photography Project


Evija Laivina is no ordinary woman.. Since the Latvian-born artist got her first camera in 2007, she became captivated by it and started expressing her feelings and ideas through photography. Laivina studiet Contemporary Art Practice at the University of Highlands and Islands, Scotland, and she also works on projects investigating identity, social problems and human relationships. Her project “Beauty Warriors” is a collection of photographs featuring strange looking beauty gadgets. She found all of them on eBay and featured friends, family, and volunteers as help.

As she explains on her website and blog, most of the gadgets are made in China. These products promise instant cure without surgical intervention, and, of course, are cheaper than plastic surgeries. They might as well work, for those who would like to try them. This project was part of her coursework and you can find her final work below.

In her project, she involved all volunteers who were interested as well as some of her family and friends. Here is the best of her work compiled by BoredPanda.

More info: evijalaivina.com

1. Face slimmer

It’s supposed to slim up your face and reduce your wrinkles. Would you try wearing it a couple of times daily?


2. Anti-wrinkle mask

Another anti-wrinkle invention looks more like torture to your face, if you ask me. And this girl has turned it into art.


3. Anti-double chin bandage

Because having a double chin is a crime for some people, apparently.


4. Nose straightener

Ouch! That must have hurt! That lady below seems to handle it pretty well, though…


5. Smile trainer

This looks painful, but it makes a lot of sense, actually.


6. Eyelid trainer

Wait, what?

This device looks like the sort of glasses a movie character that gets made fun of at high school wears.


7. Facelift bandage (with spikes inside)

Wonderful portrait! And that’s the only thing I’m commenting for now.


8. Eyebrow stencil


9. Lip plumper


10. Face massager

This actually looks like it might be more pleasant.


11. Anti-wrinkle mask


12. Gold face mask


13. Facemask


14. Nose shaper


15. Facial tattoo measurement tool

Just about the most random collection of words you can think of.


16. Nose shaper


17. Lip moisturiser


18. Silicone facemask


Source: boredpanda

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