18 Bizarre Things Resembling Celebrities That Can't Be Unseen

18 Bizarre Things Resembling Celebrities That Can’t Be Unseen


It is presumed that everyone of us has at least one lookalike in the world. However, some of us appear to even have an animal doppelgänger or just simply resemble some particularly absurd objects.

Therefore, take a look at this collection of 18 bizarre comparisons and estimate their accuracy yourself.

1. Why so serious, Mr. Yogurt?

Who would’ve guessed that a yogurt could resemble the super-villain Joker played by Heath Ledger.
Because it’s obviously possible, go on and decide whether it’s creepy or cute-looking.

 Why so serious, yogurt cup?

Source: Reddit | dudeonthenet | Dark Knight News

2. Imagine being compared to a banana…

Poor Matt Smith now definitely needs a new haircut.

While we're on the topic of cute food...

Source: Tumblr | ohyeahskorayeah | Wikimedia Commons

3. This Emma Watson (dressed as Belle) doll is a mixture of Justin Bieber and Barack Obama

Hmmm…I can’t decide who she resembles more.  Nevertheless, the doll’s most certainly not Emma.

People can't decide if this Emma Watson (dressed as Belle) doll looks more like Justin Bieber or Barack Obama.

Source: Instagram | @justinbieber | Reddit | _AaBbCc_ | Wikimedia Commons

4. Mom! There’s a “Donald Trump” in the bathroom!

Of course the infamous president must be around every corner.

"The shadow from my towel rack looks like Donald Trump."

Source: Reddit | farllen

5. Driver’s feline doppelgänger

This poor cat is most certainly sick of being compared to actor Adam Driver. Luckily, it was adopted and officially named Kylo Ren.

This cat is definitely sick and tired of being told that he looks just like Adam Driver.

Source: Instagram | @catam_driver | Wikimedia Commons

6. Yet another doppelgänger cat that doesn’t want to be bothered

The Internet freaked out when someone posted the picture of this cat that looks exactly like Ross Geller from the TV show Friends.

Now, if we could just find five other cats that look like Rachel, Monica, Joey, Chandler, and Phoebe, we could stage the Friends reunion the human cast continues to deny us.

Speaking of cats that look like humans...

Source: Allteresting

7. Rafeces?

Damn, this resemblance is beyond eerie! A septic tank looking like Rafiki from “The Lion King”. Seriously?

Why does this guy's septic tank look just like Rafiki from The Lion King, though?

Source: Reddit | SweetSound | The Mystery Case Files Wiki

8. By all means, whoever noticed this is plain genius

I can’t stop wondering whether the actor Woody Harrelson has seen it and what he thinks about being compared to someone’s folded stomach rolls.

 I'm so impressed with whoever noticed this in the first place.

Source: Twitter | @sagemyster

9. Damn, this fish stick looks just like E.T.

It looks like it’s struggling a bit, so hopefully, somebody ate it and put it out of its misery.

This fish stick looks just like E.T. (who is clearly a celebrity in our hearts).

Source: Smosh

10. Oh come on, not another food resembling E.T.

Surely, this one looks like it’s in so much more pain.

Somebody really needs to help this cinnamon roll that actually looks a lot more like E.T. in serious pain.

Source: Reddit | cheftlp1221

11. Harry, Ron, is that you?

These two kids on the cover of a Rubic’s Cube manual look like best friends Harry Potter and Ron Weasley from the famous “Harry Potter” films.

This might be reaching just a little bit, but this manual about solving the Rubik's Cube looks like Harry Potter teaching Ron Weasley.

Source: Imgur | mike40033

12. Elvis Presley in a condensation from a glass

Not only it’s the “King of Rock & Roll” but, it’s the King with a riffle. Watch out everyone.

The condensation from a glass looks just like Elvis holding a rifle.

Source: Reddit | Katyavi

13. What is seen cannot be unseen

I wonder what the TV host Conan O’Brien has to say about being compared with an apple dipped in caramel.

Now I'm really craving some apples dipped in caramel.

Source: Pophangover

14. The one comparison that never fails to disappoint

Actor Tylor Lautner also has an animal doppelgänger: an alpaca. Although the two are wearing very different hairstyles, their eyes and mouths certainly seem to have something in common.

I think we've all seen this comparison before, and it never fails to disappoint.

Source: The Works

15. Rambo’s face in a shadow of a tree

People on the Internet have been discussing that a portrait of the famous character Rambo hides in these shadows. If you’re having a hard time finding it, just focus at the white part of the garage.

The shadow this tree is casting looks weirdly like Rambo.

Source: Imgur

16. What were you thinking, Justin?

Guess the famous singer Justin Timberlake never ate noodles, because if he did, he wouldn’t have failed with a hairstyle as horrible as this one. On the positive side, this is one trend from the ’90s that hopefully never became cool again.

 A hairstyle should never make you hungry even if you're Justin Timberlake

17. This rotten apple is absolutely creepier than the Joker

Every actor that had the role of Joker in The Batman films, failed to surpass Jack Nicholson’s impersonation of the same character.

Well, guess who at least succeeded to outpace his scariness, a rotten apple.


18. McKayla Maroney and this cute bunny

It seems as though this bunny is just as hard to impress as gymnast Mckayla Maroney! They’ve both mastered the facial expressions.

I just have to say that this rabbit is my new Patronus. I love it so much.

Source: EMGN
From: diply

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