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18 Embarrassing Things Women Do When They’re Home Alone


Whenever you are home alone, you tend to become super-lazy. Sometimes, though, it brings out the most creative side of you, the one no one knows about. Whenever we are alone we tend to be our true selves, and that means being wild, young, and free! When a woman is home alone, some other stuff may happen, like emptying out the fridge, or cleaning the whole house at once, or even reading a whole bookshelf in a single day. Here are 18 embarrassing moments women do when they are home alone.

1. Look in the fridge for snacks every five minutes

embarrassing 1

Getting disappointed of the outcome, too.

2. Order food for exactly 5 people


And then eating all of it in half an hour!

3. Get into a really creepy looking beauty regime

It really doesn’t matter if the face mask looks something like this. Because you are home alone after all!

4. Use anything in the shower as your microphone


You gotta prove your singing skills somewhere! Your neighbors must think you are a pop diva!

5. Check out every inch of your naked body in the mirror


Who would have thought you have freckles down there?

6. Walk around the house naked


One of the greatest pleasures of being home alone is not wearing any boring clothes.

7. Drape your towel around your shoulders and wear it like you’re a Queen

Because this is your castle and you are a royalty!

8. Stalk people on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or even Google


Remember that guy your friend thought was cute? You have already found his phone number and home address.

9. You take some of the grossest selfies


Opening that front face camera has become a hobby to you, but taking these selfies is your art.

10. Freak out because you think you hear a noise

Don’t worry, it’s okay. There is nobody there. Not even a ghost.

11. Put on music so you don’t hear the noise.


Of course, you are still freaked out.

12. Dance around as you clean the house


Cleaning the whole house with your favorite music on is the best option for you!

13. Forget about the cleaning entirely and pretend you are working on your new album.


14. You are a weird soul

Yeah, you’re a bit weird, but you’re absolutely amazing!

15. Try on all the clothes you own


And realizing nothing fits you anymore!

16. Wear the fanciest clothes you have


Looking great!

17. Practice imaginary arguments you want to have


This is the perfect time to practice about that thing you wanted to tell your boss a long time ago.

18. Google search really random things


And, of course, erasing your browser history. afterwards.

Here are some other things girls do when no one is watching.

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