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18 BTS Facts That You May Not Have Known About ‘Bridesmaids’


There’s nothing wrong with watching a few romantic comedies here and there. It’s a story about love, but also a story with a lot of laughs and jokes. One romantic comedy in particular that will never get old no matter how many times we’ve re-watched it is Bridesmaids. You just can’t avoid watching an all-woman cast featuring some of the greatest female comedians of all time, including Maya Rudolph!

So, before re-watching the movie again this weekend, here are some interesting facts you may not have known about this 2011 hit romance comedy.

1. Some of the jokes and scenes in the movie were improvised by all the actors!



2. When Melissa McCarthy absolutely nailed her hit on the air marshall, it was well executed because she’s married to Ben Falcone in real life!



3. Rebel Wilson and Matt Lucas became roommates after filming

Apparently, their neighbors complained that they sang shower tunes too loudly!

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Source: Ditto Greetings

4. Chris O’Dowd’s character, Rhodes, was actually meant to be American

Chris O’Dowd’s character was supposed to be American and he even practiced with a coach to perfect the accent. But Kristen Wiig said that she fell in love with Chris’ Irish accent so much that she let him keep it for the movie!

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5. Melissa said that the food poisoning scene was the most disgusting scene to film because the vomit was made out of oatmeal and food coloring.

I thought there was nothing wrong with oatmeal, but alright…

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6. Even though it was disgusting, she said it was the most fun she had on the set!

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7. Kristen actually wrote the food poisoning scene right before they filmed the movie!



8. The whole scene where Helen is trying to take over Annie’s tribute speech was improvised!

Apparently, it took forever to film due to how much Kristen was laughing.



9. Annie tells Ted that she will take the fake George Glass to Lillian’s wedding instead of him.

George Glass was also the name of Jan Brady’s fake boyfriend on The Brady Bunch!



10. Handsome heartthrob Paul Rudd was actually supposed to have a role

He filmed a scene where he plays someone who briefly dated Annie, and even though his scene got cut, it still appears in the DVD.



11. Jon Hamm insisted that he wasn’t credited for his role because people might have thought the movie is actually serious



12. The director and Kristen made sure that Annie had her bra on during the sex scenes with Ted, but took it off in the sex scene with Nathan because it shows she can open up to Nathan, but not Ted



13. Kristen was worried the chemistry with Chris wouldn’t translate on screen

So she decided to play “would you rather” with him on set to bond with him.

One of the questions was apparently “Would you rather have a nipple growing on the end of your nose or a tooth growing out of your cheek?”



14. There was apparently going to be a bachelorette party scene in Vegas

Judd was worried it would be too similar to Hangover, so instead, it was replaced with the scene where Annie has a freakout on the airplane, preventing the gang from reaching Vegas.



15. Maya Rudolph wore clothes that distracted from her increasing belly, due to being pregnant with her third child



16. The house used for the bridal shower is actually the same house in Scary Movie 2!



17. This is actually Judd’s most successful movie.

It was actually nominated for an academy award, believe it or not.



18. According to an interview, Melissa based her look on Guy Fieri for her character.

More people should do that, honestly



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