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18 Goofs Caught On Film


Catching goofs on film has been one of the most romantic activities associated with film buffs. And some of the on-screen mistakes have over the years acquired a legendary reputation among film lovers. The thing is, there are many more than one would expect. Why? Because movies are incredibly complex projects which involve big numbers of people, each of them with their own specific task, but in a constant flux of movement and activity that has to be coordinated impeccably.

Sometimes, however, as in any other job, mistakes do happen. Some are almost unnoticeable, while others are just hilariously crude. Here are 18 you should definitely know.

1. Jurassic Park

It’s hard to notice a studio sprinkler simulating rain when you have a Tyrannosaurus Rex right in front of you. When you do notice it, it kind of looks like the dinosaur is shooting water up like a whale does.


Source:Screen Rant

2. Despicable Me

Did you happen to notice the kiss that one minion places on the head of another? Probably more of a well-calculated detail, rather than a mistake.


Source:Screen Rant

3. Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Although he is a Terminator, that knife definitely should not have bent like that – proven by the physical injuries the Terminator sustains later in the movie.



4. Year One

An extra getting friendly with a goat might be the only thing worth remembering from this Jack Black/Michael Cera comedy.


Source:Screen Rant

5. Titanic

In reality, Jack probably would have lost his hand. It ultimately would have mattered little, though.


Source:Huffington Post

6. King Kong

The extras in this scene were so scared of King Kong that they didn’t even care about the fact that their wigs were falling off.



7. Raiders Of The Lost Ark

The gun versus sword fight scene was so mesmerizing, you probably didn’t notice the incredibly lazy butcher in the background who is flailing the knife gently, probably in order not to distract the audience members.



8. Mr. Nanny

As the film is quickly drawing to a close, while Hulk Hogan is riding away on his bike, there is a person in the background whose activity suspiciously looks like throwing a dog in the water.


Source:Screen Rant

9. The Wizard Of Oz

Those definitely don’t look like ruby red slippers…



10. Star Wars

In this iconic Star Wars scene Mark Hamill clearly missed his stunk kick, while Boba Fett is flying to his doom in the background.



11. Spider-Man

Everybody knows Peter Parker can kiss while being suspended upside down, but what about those windows who seem to have miraculously fixed themselves?


Source:Unreality Mag

12. Titanic (2)

Wait… how did he get that life-jacket?


Source:Unreality Mag

13. Ocean’s 11

In this scene, Brad Pitt goes from holding a wine glass, to holding a plate of food, then back to the wine glass in a matter of seconds.


Source:Unreality Mag

14. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

What does a cowboy do on a pirate ship?!



15. You Only Live Once

At the end of the film there is an explosion and the beautiful white cat totally freaks out. The actor kept it tightly pinned to his chest to keep the scene going, but the terrorized face is clearly visible.



16. Braveheart

Who knew XIII century Scots wore baseball caps?


Source:The Celebrity Watch

17. Shaun of the Dead

Chris Martin from Coldplay getting zombified!



18. The Emperor’s New Groove

Another one that must have been done on purpose: here, the cactus looks like a llama.


Main Image via Taringa

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