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18 Illustrations Perfectly Satirizing Modern Society


We live in a society that is ultra modern, but that does not mean that isn’t rotten in the saddest way. There is no doubt that technology has advanced enormously, but the mindset and habits of people have taken a different path. Here are some examples of illustrations showing the double standards of modern society.

People’s bad habits and strange lifestyle has brought on phone mania. Every day, we see someone walking on the street staring at their phone, and getting hit by something. We are truly the slaves of phone addiction. Many people are actually aware of this, but they just don’t want to acknowledge that fact.

Steve Cutts is a London-based illustrator and animator. He satirizes the excesses of modern society, inspired by 1930s and 40s cartoons, as well as modern comic books and graphic novels. Some of these illustrations are made by him.

1. The flaunting game

The flaunting game

People are more worried about how they look or how people think of them, instead of worrying about society. Here is a man who is taking a selfie while giving money to the beggar, not caring about poverty at all.

2. Ending a life or starting a new one?

Ending a life or starting it?

This sketch depicting a pregnant woman in prison is so powerful. I can’t imagine what the coming child would see after being born and how would it influence her/his mind.

3. Plantation?


Our world is so full of buildings that the greenery is sadly taken away. Meanwhile, this bird has something in its beak.

4. Where are the angels?

Do you get it?

The world is full of enemies and people who want to kill each other. Angels, on the other hand, are full of love, but obsolete.

5. It’s all about time

It’s all about time

Time will balance itself when all of us stop quarreling and start loving each other instead.

6. From one death to another

From one source of death to another

7. Are we slaves to technology?

Are we slaves to technology?

Electronics have taken over our minds.

8. What’s more important?

What’s more important?

Society is full of couples like the second one. For a few people, money weighs more than love, sadly.

9. The modern childhood

The modern childhood

The happy world outdoors, away from technology, is long forgotten.

10. The modern ‘Lisa’

The modern ‘Lisa’


The Mona Lisa was the best example of beauty in its time. Nowadays, everything has become so materialistic. The girl is shown wearing trendy clothes and following the latest fashion. True beauty has actually lost its importance with all the makeup and show-offs.

11. He is the only one to be left

 I guess only he will be left


Mickey Mouse says bye and cunningly smiles at us, as we leave the world.

12. No personal space left

No personal space left


This is probably the future of our society. People will pay for their personal space.

13. And all will die soon

And all will die soon


The world is falling into the trap of phones…

14. Trigger the button!

Trigger the button!

Maybe soon all the prophecies will come true. And God will press the reset button one day and boom!

15. Brains have become useless

Brains have become useless


Nowadays, we rely more on our phone screens and Google, rather than using our gifted brains!

16. Money is the biggest trap

Money is the biggest trap you can fall for

It’s all a myth.

17. Hard on ‘earth’

Hard on ‘earth’


18. Who owns us?

Who owns us?


Actually, our phones do. It’s like a never-ending cycle that has trapped us within it.

Source : wittyfeed.me
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