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18 Life Hacks For Making Ends Meet At The End Of The Month


Many of us find ourselves struggling to make ends meet at the end of the month before we get our paychecks. Sometimes, planning your money isn’t the best of your traits, and it is stressful having to survive those days. We start feeling depressed and end up yelling at everyone or staying at home, covering our obligations with our favorite blankie. Luckily, there is a cure for those days, and you can easily alleviate your financial woe by employing many life hacks. Yeah, life hacks are everywhere, but these are pretty unique. Here are the survival tricks to get your mood up again!

1. Online shopping

If you want to save money on your next online purchase, make sure to clear your cache and browser history. This tip is particularly useful for buying airline tickets, because online companies will follow your searches based on your cache and history. Then, they will adjust (raise) prices based on this information. Another tip is to always use the guest option when paying online instead of signing in with a new account.  Most companies make lower prices for introductory purchases.


Source:Pinnacle Investigations

2. Lower the brightness on your television and computer screen.

There’s no need for your screens to be at full brightness and it can also affect your eye health in a negative way. Moreover, this reduces your power consumption by up to 40%, and you end up saving some cash!


Source:Gadget Hacks

3. Opt for cash instead of cards.

People who pay in cash rather than use cards are more likely to spend less money, studies find. The reason is because with cash people can visually see what they’re spending, which makes them less inclined to make impulse purchases.


Source:Hammer and Brush

4. When making large purchases, wait until the end of the month.

Salespeople have quotas to meet per month and make great deals at the end of the months. Purchasing at this time can result in some serious discounts from sales reps.



5. If you’re a homeowner, paint your roof white.

Actually, a white roof can save thousands on electrical bills. Most roofs are dark, which absorbs more heat. However, a lighter colored roof will have you using less air conditioning.



6. Brew your own coffee.

Coffee shops are convenient, but you’re spending a lot more than you should be for something you could easily make at home. This will cut your coffee costs to around 25 cents a cup.


Source:Leave It With My Tummy

7. Stop buying brands.

If you check the ingredients, you’ll notice that most big brand household products aren’t anything special compared to the generic brands. You don’t need to spend more cash only to be fancy!



8. When dining out, do it at culinary schools.

There are ways to still get great meals for half the price. Many culinary schools offer delicious five-course meals for a lower price than you’d pay at a fancy restaurant.


Source:Food Drink & Franchise

9. If you spend a lot of money on snacking, try drinking more water.

Many people tend to overeat, when in fact, they are just thirsty. There are a plethora of benefits to drinking lots of water daily. One of them is keeping your stomach full and your pockets, too!


Source:Women’s Health

10. Place a heavy object in your toilet water tank.

Probably, your toilet is flushing a lot more water than necessary. Place a water bottle filled with water or a brick in the tank in order to reduce the amount of water reserved. Use less water and save the planet!


Source:Connect 4 Water

11. Take time to unplug things you aren’t using.

According to Energy Star, the average US household spends at least $100 each year to power devices that are turned off. These can consume a lot of energy when they are off, so it’s important to unplug them whenever you are not using them.


12. Have “spend free” days.

Set a day of the week or the month when you won’t spend any money. Take this challenge and turn it into a habit!


13. Keep your tires fully inflated.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, maintaining the inflation of vehicle tires can improve gas mileage between 0.6 – 4 percent. Also, you won’t have to repair or replace them so frequently.


Source:She Knows

14. Scan grocery receipts for cash back.

There are numerous smartphone apps that allow you to receive cash rebates on your grocery store purchases. Simply scan your receipts after grocery shopping and you can earn back around $5 a week, which is great!


Source:Money Lover Blog

15. Delay “want” purchases by three days.

Give yourself three days before buying something you really want. If, by the third day, you still want to make the purchase then go for it.


Source:Business Administration Information

16. Stop buying ice packs.

You could just freeze a bottle of water instead. Make sure to empty the water a little bit before freezing and you’re good to go.


Source:50 Campfires

17. Stop buying pre-grated foods from the grocery store.

Grating things like carrots or cheese yourself will save you a lot of cash. The price for pre-grated foods is drastically higher than it is to purchase the food on its own.



18. Revive your toothbrush

There’s a simple trick to revive it and it will save you some money. Simply boil water, pour it into a bowl, and then proceed to whisk the toothbrush through the water. You will be amazed by the results!



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