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18 Pictures Prove That No One Will Love You Like Your Dog


Dogs are the best creatures in the world for many people. Even though keeping them in a closed space means partly locking them in, they do show love and affection towards their keeper like no one else. From the first moment of hugging and meeting each other to the last hug, they become your most important family. You would do anything for them, and you often treat them like they were your children. But if something happens to you and you get angry or about to get hurt, you will see their love coming in the cutest ways. They love you just the way you are and will always protect you. Need a proof? Here are some of the most loyal and loving dogs out there.

1. They will let you dress them up to look silly just for you to take a photo.


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2. They are he first warm welcome when you come home.


3. They want to sit on you like they did when they were puppies and that’s okay with you.

Well, most of the times.


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4. Dogs know how to comfort you on your worst days.


5. They anxiously wait for you to wake up just to be with you. Cute!


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6. They love you more than you could ever imagine!


7. Being silly with you makes them happy.


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8. They want to experience everything with you.


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9. All they think about when you leave is when you are coming back.


10. They know that you’re there for them, always!


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11. They are there for you through everything, too.


12. Spending time with you is always fun for them.


13. Sometimes, they understand you in a way no one else can.


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14. They want to make sure that you are well all the time.


15. They’re there for you no matter what happens.


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16. Exploring the world out with you is what they truly want, Always!


17. Good boy!


18. Makes you cry.


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Here are some photos of people meeting their dogs for the first time.

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