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18 Selfies That Show You Need To Check Your Background Next Time You Take One


It seems that nowadays, people can’t go more than a few minutes without taking a selfie. In fact, at Google’s I/O event in 2014, it was estimated that 93 million selfies are taken each day. That’s almost 3.9 million selfies every hour, which is like the country of Kazakhstan and the city of San Bernardino¬†in the US state of California all taking selfies at the same time.

Anyway, enough of the numbers. What’s important when taking a selfie is to watch out if there’s any unwanted stuff in the background. I mean, if I had a dollar for every time I could see the toilet in the background of some people’s mirror selfies, I could afford a brand new Lexus.

These 13 photos will show you why you should always pay attention to the background when taking a selfie.

1. I bet this person was told to knock next time after this photo was taken

13 Selfies Backgrounds

2. Oh snap, it’s a spider!

13 Selfies Backgrounds 2

3. That dog has seen everything… even boobs!

13 Selfies Backgrounds 3

4. It’s a trap!


5. “Give. Me. The. Ice. Cream.”


6. Mom, the camera’s autofocus is broken!


7. Look at the dog’s face. He knows he did something stupid, but he’s proud of it


8. No joke, if my dad dressed up like this, I would pull the same face


9. Matching shirts!


10. Forever alone part 4253. That hair dye job though


11. Those kids are in danger


12. Damn girl, you got a nice…. pair of sunglasses!


13. Momma’s boy


14. What traffic, lady?


15. You ain’t fooling anybody


16. At first, I thought this baby had an interesting hairstyle, but then I realized it was the dog trying to do its business…


17. An actually good photo ruined by the evil mirror of ugliness


18. Blurry violence!


So kids, next time you take a selfie in the mirror, or at all, remember what the reverse parking camera in daddy’s car says: “Be aware of your surroundings”.

Which one of these selfies did you find the most amusing? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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