19 Intense Drawings By Artist Showing What Mental Illness Feels Like

19 Intense Drawings By Artist Showing What Mental Illness Feels Like

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In today’s society, mental illness and disorders are either romanticized or completely ignored. That’s very far from the right approach, and frankly, it helps no one.

For that purpose, Shawn Cross decided to try and raise some awareness about the millions of people who suffer from mental disorders and illnesses. Being an artist, he presented every disorder in a separate painting, trying to show people how each feels. Illustrating and personifying mental illness like that, Shawn has done the world a great favor in making one step closer to understanding what these people go through. We can only hope it grants us more compassion and understanding for those who suffer.

Thanks to Diply, who compiled some of his best work on this topic, you can take a look at his drawings below. If you want to support Shawn, feel free to check out his Facebook page Shawn Coss Artist.

1. Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline personality disorder often starts in young people or young adults. People who suffer from this disorder have issues with regulating their thoughts and emotions, which can cause them to often be reckless and impulsive. They also end up experiencing intense, but unstable relationships and suffer from a distorted self-image.

Mental Illness1

Source: Facebook | Shawn Coss – Artist

2. Insomnia

There are 2 types of insomnia. The first one is when you just can’t fall asleep, but luckily that’s not linked to another health issue. The second one is – and often times pain, substance abuse or mediacation is involved.

Mental Illness2

Source: Facebook | Shawn Coss – Artist

3. Disinhibited Social Engagement Disorder

This disorder most commonly affects children. It manifests itself with the kid being completely careless and naive, and they will go out and talk to literally any stranger. While the apparent goodwill of the child is admirable, this can lead to very dangerous situations.

Mental Illness3

Source: Facebook | Shawn Coss – Artist

4. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Or, popularly known as OCD. People with this disorder frequently obsess over urges, feelings, images or thoughts. Often, there is something they can’t let go, or find it super-difficult to do so, which is where the compulsions enter the picture as a way to cope. One frequent obsession is cleaning, or simply organizing things to a fine detail. The silver lining is that people with OCD usually know their obsessions don’t make sense, even though they find them compelling.

Mental Illness4

Source: Facebook | Shawn Coss – Artist

5. Cotard’s Delusion

Luckily, this is a very rare mental illness, because it’s a pretty morbid one. The affected person suffering from Cotard’s Delusion believes they are dead, literally or figuratively.

Mental Illness5

Source: Facebook | Shawn Coss – Artist

6. Bipolar Disorder

People with BPD experience dramatic shifts in mood, levels of energy and activity. One minute they can be very upbeat and energized (a phase called the manic episode) and the next minute they can feel hopeless and sad (called the depressive episode).

Mental Illness6

Source: Facebook | Shawn Coss – Artist

7. Dependent Personality Disorder

People who suffer from the Dependent Personality Disorder can be described as “clingy,” which is, however, brought on by fear. They have great difficulty even when it comes to making everyday, mundane decisions. Feeling that way, they often need reassurance and advice.

Mental Illness7

Source: Facebook | Shawn Coss – Artist

8. Major Depressive Disorder

Also known as unipolar, or clinical depression. A person undergoing a Major Depressive Disorder experiences extremely low moods and intense feelings of hopelessness. Usually, the major depressive disorder doesn’t appear alone, but is connected to other mental conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, bipolar disorder and others.

Mental Illness8

Source: Facebook | Shawn Coss – Artist

9. Social Anxiety Disorder

As the name tells you, this involves intense, irrational fears of appearing in social situations. People suffering from this disorder can become cripplingly self-conscious, and very fearful of being disapproved of, criticized, judged or watched…

Mental Illness9

Source: Facebook | Shawn Coss – Artist

10. Schizophrenia

This is one of the mental illnesses that frequently gets romanticized or turned into an interesting quirk in a lot of movies and TV shows. But, it’s not a lot of fun for the person suffering from schizophrenia – they sometimes hear voices that meddle in their lives and decisions. The voices will tell them what to do, or plot against them, and so on. A truly confusing state of mind.

Mental Illness10

Source: Facebook | Shawn Coss – Artist

11. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

This one has also spent some time in the public eye, and has even made it to the political debates – thanks to all the wars humanity seems obsessively engaged in. People suffering from PTSD suffer twice: their disorder is the result of a trauma that involved a near brush with death in accidents, natural disasters, or wars. It is very common for soldiers to end up with PTSD, after they’ve escaped death, witnessed it far too many times or – dealt it themselves. The disorder can make the person feel as if they are reliving the traumatizing event over and over, making them avoid anything even loosely connected to it.

Mental Illness11

Source: Facebook | Shawn Coss – Artist

12. Anorexia Nervosa

While we often get the idea that Anorexia is just a physical issue where someone didn’t eat enough, the underlying cause is actually psychological. It is the fear of gaining too much weight and becoming obsessed with preventing it. The psychological aspect is really visible when the anorexic person is almost as skinny as a skeleton, but they would tell you that they’re still “too fat.” This is a dangerous disorder and besides damaging the health of the person, it can also cause ther death.

Mental Illness12

Source: Facebook | Shawn Coss – Artist

13. Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism is not one specific thing, but instead it moves on a “spectrum”, meaning that it affects different people to different levels and sometimes looks different from one person to another. But some of the common symptoms of autism are a troubled social interaction and problems with communication. The impression one can get is that the mouth can’t say what the mind is thinking.

Mental Illness13

Source: Facebook | Shawn Coss – Artist

14. Depersonalization Disorder

A person suffering from this disorder, also called derealization, can feel that they are detached from their surroundings, but also from their body, their mental processes, in short – themselves and everything else. They often feel as if they’re in a dream, watching themselves from the outside.

Mental Illness14

Source: Facebook | Shawn Coss – Artist

15. Dissociative Identity Disorder

The other name for this is the multiple personality disorder. As the name tells you, the person has more than one personality – and often these various personalities aren’t aware of each other.

Mental Illness15

Source: Facebook | Shawn Coss – Artist

16. Capgras Syndrome

A rare disorder, the Capgras Syndrome is the belief that someone, or some thing – is an imposter. A clone, a double, a replica. People who suffer from this mental disorder are convinced that a place, or a person, was replaced with something “not genuine.”

Mental Illness16

Source: Facebook | Shawn Coss – Artist

17. Agoraphobia

A fairly well-known disorder to the public. Agoraphobia is the opposite of claustrophobia – so then, it is the fear of open spaces, or more precisely: the fear of ending up helpless, shamed or trapped in public situations. The irrational fear can be so intense that these people often never leave the house.

Mental Illness17

Source: Facebook | Shawn Coss – Artist

18. Paranoid Schizophrenia

Not the same as schizophrenia proper, but far more common. A person afflicted with paranoid schizophrenia is often intensely paranoid and experiences frightening hallucinations and delusions.

Mental Illness18

Source: Facebook | Shawn Coss – Artist

19. Attention Deficit Disorder

A person with ADD has trouble paying attention, concentrating, and generally controlling their behavior. It may make adult people appear childish.

Mental Illness19

Source: Facebook | Shawn Coss – Artist
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