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19 Girls Wear The Same Dress On Their First Day Of Kindergarten For 67 Years


The first day at kindergarten or school is very special both for the parents as well as for children. Although children are not extremely happy when they come back, with these photos as a real proof, something else is also special and unforgettable. Their outfits. Do you still remember your outfit on the first day of kindergarten? Older generations surely do, but this Colorado mother had a special way of remembering it. For Jenny Hirt, a dress sewn by her great-grandmother in 1950 is the core of a heartwarming tradition. Hirt’s aunt, Martha Esch, was the first one who wore it, but the tradition goes on 67 years later.

Every girl in the family wears it on their first day of kindergarten as a tradition. Hirt’s niece recently became the nineteenth person to wear it, whereas Hirt herself was the fifth! The garment has traveled between 7 States throughout the years, yet has only had to be minimally repaired by recipients. Hirt also sent her own daughters, 4-year-old Caroline and 6-year-old Ally, to school in the symbolic yellow smock. What’s astonishing is the fact that the dress is in such good condition!

Summery, light, and full of vintage flair, and simply adorable! Scroll down to see the family’s anthology of kindergarten photos, and see how wonderful all the girls look like.

Starting from 1950, the dress became traditional outfit for girls’ first day at kindergarten.


In the left picture, you can see Martha Esch, Jenny Hirt’s aunt and first wearer, in 1950. In the right picture, there is Caroline Hirt, Jenny Hirt’s 4-year-old daughter, and 18th wearer, in 2017.

Girls in the family always wear the dress to their first day of kindergarten, and they look very cute.


In the past, people used to sew dresses for these occassions, and it’s a great way to keep family tradition nowadays.


The dress has traveled to family members across 7 States, and 19 people wore it until now.


Hirt’s niece, Sylvie Johnson (right), was the most recent wearer. Interestingly, 3 more children will wear it this year.


Expectedly, the Internet fell in love with this family’s commitment.








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