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19 People Who Are The Epitome Of Ignorance

19 People Who Are The Epitome Of Ignorance

Have you ever wondered how some people get on with their lives when they are not that smart? Some really struggle to find their place under the sun. And you keep wondering stuff like: How haven’t they had an accident by now? Actually, these people are probably the luckiest ones, as their ignorance is all they have. No worries, no awareness, just enjoyment! Until someone decides to explain it to them.

Here are some of these people in reality, struggling, but being totally unaware of it.

1. There’s a lot going on here…

The car is one thing, and that waistband is on a whole other level. But take a look at the front window and surprise yourself.


Source: Imgur | staticshock25

2. Who bothers to read signs anymore?

It looks like someone’s going to be visiting the dry cleaners very soon. Are those glasses not suitable?


Source: reddit | Matt5D

3. How long do you think she’s been waiting?

I can sympathize with this girl…It almost happened to me a couple of times.


Source: Reddit | GuitrDad

4. “Sir, that’s not how we do the full body scan”.

But go on, it looks funny!


Source: Reddit | Aquasinisin

5. Those cups are really in the wrong place.

Before we judge, maybe this was intentional. So let’s just give her the benefit of the doubt.


Source: Reddit | ntheg111

6. The best way to rotate an image if you live in another world, unaware of the button “rotate”.

It turns out not all millennials are tech savvy.


Source: Reddit | Kashik

7. The next couple of minutes will be some memorable ones.

There are some lessons we all have to learn.


Source: Reddit | cannonflake

8. Just serving up some balls…

At least they’re clean and there are no holes, right?


Source: Reddit | [deleted]

9. Hoods can be difficult to handle


Source: Reddit | OceanGoingSoul

10. Yeah, life can be a real pain.

You know, hats can also be taken off…


Source: Imgur | PlsNoBanIHaveThreeKids

11. Something tells me this isn’t the first time they’ve done this.

I can’t decide if this is unbelievably stupid or unbelievably skilled.


Source: Reddit | sahai_dum

12. They were so close to fooling those security cameras…


Source: Reddit | Vileoss

13. I don’t know how this is even possible, but I guess it is.

Maybe the plagiarism was so good, it gave you an extra few percent.


Source: Imgur | gwizwold

14. I don’t think you were supposed to attach it to the wipers.

Fake life hacks? I don’t think so…


Source: Reddit | titanicman119

15. They needed the whole crew of firemen…

How did she get her head stuck between two panes of glass in the first place?


Source: theCHIVE

16. They do say tobacco kills…

Did he skip his workplace safety training? Talk about living on the edge!



17. Isn’t that the point?

Sorry, Slow Cooker, you’re over-qualified for this position.


Source: Imgur | Bierrr

18. This kid was probably indulging in more than just oregano

So, tell me more about this stroganoff…



19. Since when was salmonella considered “clean eating”?

I’d go ahead and cancel your plans for the week!


Source: Twitter | @faithchoyce

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