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19 Gorgeous Photographs That Will Take Your Breath Away


The world as we know it is definitely incredible in so many ways. Humanity is really lucky to be able to experience the wonders and miracles of the planet. In our lives not everything is black and white.
However, many moments feel more overwhelmingly blissful just because of that. Every one of us has been through some difficult times in our lives, and yet we always find a way to keep pushing through.

One picture is worth a thousand words. We keep capturing our most valuable moments of happiness and overwhelming joy in small pictures. The memory might fade away a little bit, but that’s why you have a frozen moment captured in the image to keep reminding you of that special time or place. Nothing captures the incredible beauty of this world better than a camera.
Here is a list of some of the most amazing pictures to prove that, courtesy of Diply.

1. Surfing one of the biggest waves in the world.

Looks beautiful and scary at the same time.


Source: Robert Brown Photography

2. This abandoned lion cub became best friends with a man.

The amazing friendship without boundaries.


Source: Daily Mail | Tauana | Looking Glass

3. Lightning over Athens.

Can you imagine capturing 51 lightning bolts crashing into the ground in 30 minutes?  I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t voluntarily stand there like this man.


Source: Chris Kotsiopoulos | NASA APOD

4. Eskil Ronningsbakken: a thrillseeker who balances on the edge of 1,000-ft cliffs in Norway.

In this case balance is the key.


Source: The Telegraph | Sindre Lundvold | Barcroft Media

5. A boy rescued his dog and carried him through a flood brought by the monsoon rain.

The unconditional friendship.


Source: The Atlantic | Romeo Ranoco | Reuters

6. He’s got his head in the clouds.

But, Literally.


Source: reddit | Dobles_Puntos

7. The beauty of Milford Sound, New Zealand.

A stunning sight you could stare at for days. The beautiful peace of nature.


Source: reddit | fancifotos

8. A powerful tornado near Campo USA.

Fighting the odds.


Source: Facebook | Atmospheric Phenomena | Brandon Goforth

9. This photographer spelled “love” with the umbilical chord attached to the placenta.

Every mother knows that giving a birth is one of the most beautiful things that she will ever experience in her life.


Source: Facebook | Emma Jean Photography

10. Pink Lake in Western Australia.

Why blue when it can be pink?


Source: K is for Kani

11. Photographer Kirill Oreshkin gets a thrill taking pictures from great heights.

Everyone gets their daily dose of adrenalin in a different way. Whatever floats your boat.


Source: Kirill Oreshkin | 500px

12. Tree camping in Elk, California.

This is absolutely stunning. Perfect place for a romantic day.


Source: Explore The USA

13. Holding on for dear life.

This guy will  go to great lengths just for the perfect picture. It was worth it, though.


Source: Facebook | Mustang Wanted

14. Just a boy and his rooster.

A steady hand and great timing.


Source: Herman Damar | 500px

15. These rock climbers found that rock sitting is much more enjoyable.

This looks extremely dangerous. Brave hearts.


Source: Wacky Owl

16. The only way to survive…

…is to provide your own food.


Source: Herman Damar | 500px

17. She went for a casual boat ride

And had the most brilliant idea.


Source: Enric Adrian Gener | 27MM

18. Heterochromia at work

The name of this stunningly gorgeous girl is Sarah Rose McDaniel. She is an American model.


Source: imgur | ConwaySweaty

19. 380-million-year-old Trilobite eye

These animals have the most sophisticated visual systems in the animal kingdom.


Source: imgur | MattHeaton
From: diply

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