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19 ‘Special’ Wedding Photographs That Broke The Internet


The wedding day is a special one for a lot of reasons. It’s a day when you reunite with distant family, friends, colleagues and the like. Every second of this day will be etched in your memory, and of course, the photographs too.

This is the day you are going to enjoy completely. That’s why every detail is meticulously planned, the schedule is carefully checked and re-checked. But as life has proven countless times before, not all things will go in accordance with the plan. As Reddit users so generously prove, sometimes weddings become internet hits for things no one foresaw possible to happen.

Take a look at the photographs that bear witness:

1. You thought centaurs existed only in mythology, but this guy seems to have married one.


In the myths, the hero usually fights some ill-tempered centaur, but this dude took a different approach.

02. You ought to be careful about every detail!


If they really served Horse Ovaries, no wonder they did not want anyone to take pictures with their phones.

03. When you say yes, you should really mean it!


The legend says this happened 30 minutes before the wedding. Don’t know about the rest of the wedding, or the marriage itself, but this picture won the internet and will be forever remembered as the one where the guy is still thinking it over.

04. Wedding with a pool party? The best idea, ever!


Planned or not, this moment will go down in history. We hope it was smooth sailing from then on.

05. Job dedication is always appreciated. Well, almost always.


This bride maybe got a bit bored at her own wedding. Luckily an earthquake shook things up a bit. She just had to report it in her wedding gown, corsage and all.

06. Finding the right spot is crucial sometimes.


You can plan it all, but you can’t plan crisis mode back-up toilet for your third-uncle’s nervous bladder.

07. Sometimes you spend days and weeks trying to decide what to wear.


After all, it’s your best friend’s wedding. You cannot afford to mess things up. Thorough planning is required.

08. Matching outfits? Why not!


It’s a day of celebration for those two, no matter what anyone else in the world thinks!

09. Is something missing from the big picture?


Yes – the girl in the white dress insisted on standing in between the two guys. They shared their issue with the photographer. He told them not to worry. Later he photo-shopped her out of the picture. What a meddler!

10. There is usually a reason why you’re allowed a plus-one.


For many reasons it’s not the smartest move to go alone to a wedding. One of them is no one will want to look at your gloomy sad single face. Or maybe she just got bored.

11. You listen to the photographer, or was it the other way around?


‘Everybody say cheese’ exists for a reason. It’s when you’re supposed to put on you best photo face. ‘Wait just a sec’ will not improve matters.

12. What happens when you forget to mention the dress code in the invitation?


An ALL WHITE Batman happens, that’s what. Instead of fighting bad guys, this one steals the show, that attention hungry ghoul!

13. No tradition is sacred these days!


Flowers are not for girls only. Why shouldn’t the groom be allowed to bask in flower petals too? It’s his day too, in the end.

14. When you forget to include your pets in the planning process.


Whiskas here is not impressed with the first dance. No one consulted him on anything.

15. Think, plan carefully, execute flawlessly!


Planning carefully includes knowing when the high tide comes in, how high it will be, where to stand for best and driest results.

16. Photobombing / wedding crusher mastery!


Judging by the face of the groom, he is sure this guy was not sent an invitation. He did not let that stop him from enjoying the wedding though.

17. A really special day.


So special, it had to be interrupted by a rattlesnake who bit the groom. Although not invited, EMTs were welcomed nonetheless.

18. A careful choice of the color palette


The bride wears white, the bridesmaids pale blue. Perfect. The young future designer in the lower part of the picture thinks her dress needs a bit of gooey green and gray to spice things up.

19. So this is for life, right?


Regret usually, if at all, comes a bit later down the line in a life of a marriage. In very rare cases, it can come as soon as the first bottle of bubbly.

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