19 Ways To Avoid Asking Your Mom Where Your Shirt Is

19 Ways To Avoid Asking Your Mom Where Your Shirt Is


I have tons of clothes. Sometimes, I just sit in a pile of clothes and stare into the void. Do I really need all these clothes? Where is my pink-laced bra? If you experience existential crisis connected to the things you own in your home, take a look at this 19 ways of giving yourself the right answers!

1. Hang the Knots

Tie your scarves to a hanger. One hanger can fit up to 4 scarves and we are talking those lengthy, thick ones!

Shirt 1

Source: Kat Black Designs

2. Or You Can Roll Them Up

Roll them up to create a drawer resembling a bouquet of scarves. The shamble of colors will lighten up your day!

Shirt 2

Source: Fravel

3. Schedule Your Outfit

Arrange every outfit that you have envisioned to wear on a particular day! There is no worse stress known to human kind than starting your day thinking about a certain blouse that you wanna wear only to find it wrinkled!

Shirt 3

Source:Better Homes and Gardens

4. The Laundry Bag Staring At You

Being at a friend’s house, I’ve always managed to bump into the laundry bin. In some spaces, it can feel a bit much! Spare yourself some space and invest in a laundry bag. Then hang it on the door!

 Shirt 4

Source: Don’t Disturb This Groove

5. Pool Noodles

The cure for damaged and wrinkled boots. Since I love my boots!

Shirt 5

Source: redditupleasefeedthemodels | imgur imgur redditu | pleasefeedthemodels

6. PVC pipes as egg shells

They can serve the role of a nest, something that would neatly store your rags in the kitchen drawer.

Shirt 6

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

7. Traded that bath tub for a tub-shower?

Great! Now take the old rings from the curtain and use them to hang your shorts on!

Shirt 7

Source: Monica Rose

8. The Shoe Boxes Under The Bed

If you are anything like me and you keep your shoe boxes only because you like their design, now you can put those boxes to use. Make semi-drawers of the existing ones, divide it into sections where you can keep your lingerie.

Shirt 8

Source: Levi Brown | Real Simple

9. The Sheets Inception

Store the rest of the bed sheets inside one of the pillow cases. Certainly, you want to match them so you know which one to choose from for next time!

Shirt 9

Source: Martha Stewart

10. The Drawer Conundrum

My drawer usually looks like a traveling troop of oompa loompas gave their most recent debut in there. Needless to say, this is not the way a descently dressed person should function. Stack your shirts in a way that you can tell which shirt is which.

Shirt 10

Source: All Day Chic

11. Mismatched Socks? Got You, Fam!

Some people believe that mismatched socks bring luck and serendipity into one’s daily routine. The only thing they ever brought me were a couple of worried glances in the subway. Use ornament boxes to keep your socks in pairs!

Shirt 11

Source: apartment therapy

12. Mom, Where’s My Suitcase?!

You need to set off to Tokyo as quickly as possible, but have no idea where your suitcase is? It’s right up there above the door of your dressing room!

Shirt 12

Source: Her Campus

13. The Shoes Where I Can See ‘Em!

I keep my shoes everywhere in my room. Seeing my shoes makes me more imaginative in the styling department. The best thing to do is to keep the shoes in old vine boxes, since you don’t want to spread bacteria all around and you want them in the order you want them to be: be it by color, function, texture etc.

Shirt 13

Source: pixgood

14. Too Many Jackets?

I am obsessed with jackets! And honestly, I have no place to put them anymore. Using pop can tabs seems like a pretty expeditious idea.

Shirt 14

Source: Wallpeg Store

15. Ice Ice Baby!

Keep your bling stashed in ice boxes!

Shirt 15

Source: Listotic

16. Organize and Donate!

Shirt 16

Source: HeartWork Organizing

17. Tired Of Looking At All The Cables In Your Room?

Put them away from the public eye.

Shirt 17

Source: redditu[deleted] | imgur  imgur redditu | [deleted]

18. Declutter!

Ever feel like a full-blown hoarder? Declutter your space and put your out-of-season clothes away in comforter bags!

Shirt 18

Source: Attempting Aloha

19. Look Deep Down Into Your Soul And Ask Yourself!

Shirt 19

Source: The Handmade Home
Main and Collage images via: 1) All Day Chic 2) pixgood 3) BHG

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