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19 Weirdest Houses In The World


Close your eyes and try to imagine: Can you imagine yourself living in a really weird house? And what’s the weirdest place you can imagine yourself living in?

There are some people that simply decided they want to live in a weird house and left the world in awe of their choice of location, material and design. Sometimes it is because they have to, sometimes because they simply can, but one thing’s for sure, none of these houses will leave you impervious. Sure, living in a glass house is cool, but what about when you take a shower and you forgot your towel in the bedroom? Hello, world and neighbors!

And of all the houses in Malibu, would you actually choose Dick Clarke’s Flintstone home? That one would be interesting for a vacation, though.

Which one was your favorite? Which one did you hate? Tell us in the comments.

Source:Facts Verse

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