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Promotional Photos That Show How Babies Travelled On Airplanes In The 1950s


Discussions surrounding airplane passengers well-being have generally shifted from comfort to safety. From whether obese people should start paying for double seats to nostalgia about the good old days when one could light a cigarette inside the airplane.

One of the most common complaints issued by frequent fliers, though, is the one thing that is impossible to change: crying babies. Today, baby cots are usually attached to the seat but as with most aspects of private aviation, this hasn’t always been the case.

We share some fascinating promotional photos from the British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) that show what the experience of flying with a baby used to look like in the mid-XX century.

The pictures were taken in 1953 and show so-called skycots – a hammock-like engineering solution for babies on longer flights. The babies still needed to be held by a parent during take-off and landing. Then they were tucked into their little sky cots. Swinging serenely above the aisle. Or so the photos would have you believe.

The British Overseas Airways Corporation merged with British European Airwaves to form British Airwaves on the 1st of April, 1974.

(h/t: vintageeveryday)

Rock-A-Bye baby, in the skycot

Baby Airplane 1

Source:British Airways Speedbird Heritage Centre

When the plane starts, the baby will rock

Baby Airplane 2

Source: Battmann

When the plane brakes, the skycot will fall

Down will come skycot, baby and all…

Baby Airplane 3

Maybe that’s why we don’t have them anymore. Safety first!

Source:Brian Seed

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