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20 Actors From The ’90s You Probably Forgot Existed


The 90s were not only an era of bizarre clothing, weird makeup, and eccentric hairstyles. It was an era of great actors and actresses that we still adore and look up to today. While we cannot possibly forget Leonardo DiCaprio, as he’s active today as well, there are some actors that just disappeared and we totally forgot they existed. Here are 20 of them. You are lucky if you remember them all too well.

1. Rider Strong, for example.

It wasn’t until we spotted him in the Boy Meets World reboot that you remembered him, right? He has popped up in small movies and the occasional TV show from time to time, but he is usually staying out of the spotlight.


Source: Instagram | @rider.strong

2. Matthew William Lawrence is another Boy Meets World actor we totally forgot.

Since the ’90s, he has appeared in smaller television roles, and we got to see him make a comeback in Girl Meets World!


Source:Girl Meets World Wiki

3. Remember Karyn Parsons from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?

Seeing her now brings so many memories back! You surely loved her as Hilary Banks, but she hasn’t been on camera since 2002, believe it or not!


Source: Pinterest | Ozie Jackson

4. Tatyana Ali, who played Ashley Banks in Fresh Prince

She was so young on the show! You would barely recognize her today. Tatyana also has a music career going for her as well!


Source: Instagram | @tatyanaali

5. Do you remember this adorable face from Full House? Jurnee Smollett-Bell was so cute!

Jurnee Smollett-Bell played Denise Frazer, but she also went on to appear in a few other movies and shows like Parenthood and True Blood.


Source: E! Online

6. Does anyone remember Charlie Korsmo?

He actually played Jack Banning in Hook. He stopped acting in 1998, but he is returning to the big screen in 2018 for his movie Chained For Life. That’s good news!


Source: Kentucky Sports Radio

7. Thora Birch definitely has one of those faces that you probably remember from the ’90s.

She was in Hocus Pocus and American Beauty, and continued to act in roles that don’t really compare to those glorious ’90s movies.


Source: J-14

8. Lisa Jakub played “Lydie” Hillard in Mrs. Doubtfire.

Although she had quite the repertoire of movies, she stopped acting altogether in 2000.


Source: Megazip

9. If you’ve ever had the emotional experience of watching My Girl, then you know exactly who Anna Chlumsky is.

Anna still continues to act, but nothing can really compare to this masterpiece of a movie.


Source: Us Weekly

10. Jeff Cohen is best known for his role in The Goonies, but actually gave up acting in the early ’90s.

Was Chink one of your favorite characters, too?


Source: Movie Web

11. Nate Richert hasn’t acted since 2006, but we remember him best as Harvey from Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.

There is a great possibility you had a crush on him! He looks so different these days!


Source: Mirror | Twitter | @NateRichert

12. Mara Wilson’s biggest role was definitely in Matilda.

She stopped acting when she was really young, but she went on to have a writing career.  Here is the title of her newest book, Where Am I Now?: True Stories of Girlhood and Accidental Fame.


Source: Mirror

13. Zachery Ty Bryan was most known for playing the adorable Brad Taylor in Home Improvement.

He appeared in a few television shows since then, but hasn’t acted in anything since 2009.


Source: Zimbio

14. Jonathan Taylor Thomas was also on Home Improvement as Randy.

He also hasn’t done a lot of acting in the last few years.


Source: Fanpop

15. Justin Cooper was probably the cutest kid in Liar Liar with Jim Carrey.

He stopped in acting in 1998 and has totally switched careers. He’s now a producer on Fox Sports Radio!


Source: elsalvador.com

16. Jurassic Park was such an amazing movie, and you probably forgot about Ariana Richards!

She quit acting in the late ’90s but returned in 2013 to film Battledogs.


Source: Jurassic World

17. Jason James Richter is still acting to this day, but he will always be remembered as Jesse from Free Willy.

Don’t you still love the movie?


Source: Children in Cinema

18. We can’t go on without mentioning Dustin Diamond, who played Screech on Saved by the Bell.

He has been in and out of the media over the past few years.


Source: YourTango

19. Ian Ziering was probably your crush in Beverly Hills, 90210, and while he still acts from time to time, he’s always going to be Steve Sanders to many ladies out there.

It was an amazing series, by the way!


Source: 90210pedia

20. You can still spot Scott Wolf from time to time. Most recently, he was a guest host on Live With Kelly.

One of his biggest roles was in Party of Five, though.


Source: Decider

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