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20 Actors From Saved By The Bell Then And Now


If you were a tv addict back in the ’90s, then you probably watched Saved by the Bell, the sitcom that aired on NBC from 1989 to 1993. Have you ever wondered what the cast of the movie has been up to all these years? Those crazy ’90s TV kids were your pals back in the day, so why not catch up with them and see what Zack, Kelly, Lisa, and the rest of Bayside High School are doing now? This classic NBC series featured so many memorable characters and you are probably wondering what the actors are doing now. Here you can find out.


1. Zack Morris


Zack Morris was more than amazing. He was also cool and charming. He is also fondly remembered for introducing the world to those Zack Morris brick phones.

2. Mark-Paul Gosselaar


Gosselaar’s character was spun off into the Disney sitcom, Good Morning, Miss Bliss. In 2001, Gosselaar joined the cast of NYPD Blue. He played Detective John Clark for four years, and in 2004, he joined the TNT series Franklin & Bash.

Interestingly, Gosselaar revealed during an interview that he dated his three female co-stars while Saved by the Bell was in production. He went on to marry Lisa Ann Russel in 1996 and had two children. In 2011, the couple divorced. In 2012, Gosselaar married advertising executive Catorina McGinn, with whom he has a son.

3. A.C. Slater


Bayside High’s star athlete, A.C. was an excellent wrestler and a basketball player. A.C. was originally written as a rival for Kelly Kapowski’s affection. However, he eventually became Zack’s friend and developed a strong attraction to Jessie Spano.

4. Mario López


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Afte the show, he took some time off. Then he returned as Olympic diver Greg Louganis in a TV movie about the legendary athlete. In 2006, he joined The Bold and the Beautiful.

Lopez was the host of numerous shows, including The X-Factor, America’s Best Dance Crew, and Extra. He is married to Broadway dancer Courtney Mazza and has two kids with her.

5. Samuel ‘Screech’ Powers


Screech was one of the school nerds at Bayside High. He was best friends with Zack, too. In exchange for doing Zack’s homework, Zach protected him from the bullies. He was more than clumsy, and very smart.

6. Dustin Diamond


Diamond appeared in the movies Pauly Shore is Dead and Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star. In 2006, he also directed and released his own sex tape. Apart from actin, he began his stand-up comedy career. He has also appeared in a number of reality TV shows. In 2009, he published a behind the scenes book about the cast and crew of Saved by the Bell from his point of view. It was more than controversial. Diamond later admitted the book was ghost-written.

More recently, Diamond was arrested for stabbing a man in a Christmas Day 2014 brawl at a bar in Wisconsin.

7. Lisa Turtle


The fashionista and gossiper of Bayside High, Lisa was friends with Zack since grade school. Some also thought that she had a little crush on him.

8. Lark Voorhies


Voorhies starred on The Bold and the Beautiful in 1995 but refused to act in sex scenes so she backed off. She returned in 2004 for a brief stint.

Voorhies also guest starred on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Family Matters, and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. After 2010, she wrote three books. Her book True Light is infamous for having been written with commas after almost every word.

9. Mr. Richard Belding


Bayside High School principal was known for his high-pitched laugh and frequent run-ins with Zack. Mr. Belding really cared about his students, especially for Zack.

10. Dennis Haskins


In August 2009, Haskins released his first music album Karaoke With Your Favorite Principal Dennis. He also appeared as a guest on TV series and in movies and had a role in A Million Ways to Die in the West as the Snake Oil Salesman.

11. Jessie Spano


Zack, Screech, Lisa, and Kelly’s best friend, Jessie was possibly the smartest person in their group. She lived next door to Zack and visited him very often. Also, she was a strong feminist, but had a bit of a neurotic streak.

12. Elizabeth Berkley


Berkley went on to star in Paul Verhoeven’s NC-17 film Showgirls as exotic dancer Nomi Malone. She went on to marry artist Greg Lauren in late 2003. Later on, she guest starred on TV series including CSI: Miami, NYPD Blue, Without a Trace, and Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

In 2006, Berkley began an online self-help program for teen girls, called Ask-Elizabeth.

13. Kelly Kapowski


Kelly was certainly the most popular girl at Bayside High, as she was the lead cheerleader and captain of the volleyball, swim, and softball teams. She was Zack’s love interest as well as a good student.

14. Tiffani Thiessen


Thiessen landed the role of Valerie Malone on Beverly Hills, 90210, after Shannen Doherty left. She also appeared in the movies From Dusk Til Dawn 2, NewsRadio, Two Guys and a Girl, and Good Morning, Miami. The actress married actor Brady Smith in 2005 and gave birth to their daughter in June 2010.

15. Max


Max was the owner of the local hangout where he often gave advice to kids of Bayside.

16. Ed Alonzo


Alonzo continues to work as comedian and professional magician. In 2009, he worked with Britney Spears to create illusions for her tour. He also worked on Michael Jackson’s This Is It concerts.

17. Tori Scott


Tori was the new girl and eventual girlfriend of Zack during the final season of the show. A tough girl, indeed!

18. Leanna Creel


Creel attended UCLA, earning B.A. in history and then a Master’s degree in film and television. She then produced her first film in 1994 and now runs Creel Studio, specializing in food, travel, and lifestyle content. Also, she is a terrific photographer.

19. Ox


He was certainly gentler than he appeared and even dated a female nerd.

20. Troy Fromin


Fromin had a part in Married with Children. He stopped acting after 1999 but returned in the 2000s. Interestingly, he also runs a YouTube and a Vimeo channel where he uploads skits, rants, and messages to fans.

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